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Modelling: Quad Attackbike


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Since I posted this in my white scars thread


People have been clamouring for a tutorial, and now that I (finally) have the parts I thought I’d document it stage by stage

Here’s what you need:


1x complete space marine bike

1x front mudguard from a marine bike

2x IG sentinel legs

1x Teleport homer

2x Ravenwing searchlight*

1x vehicle searchlight

1x Ravenwing sensor mount

1x landspeeder weapon (this tutorial will have just the multi-melta, because that’s what I field, out will work just as well with the heavy bolter)


First cut off and trim the mudguards, then glue together the bike halves and attach the handlebars and footplate.



Then cut off the exhaust (red areas) as this is where the rear wheels will attach.



Using some plasticard, fill in the gap where the rear wheel would normally sit. Then attach the ravenwing searchlights (or whatever you’re using to represent the engine)



Now trim the sentinel legs, removing the ball joint from the bottom. The cut the legs where shown. These will form the front forks so pin them to the forks as shown




Then glue the trimmed mudguards to the front forks and the rear of the bike.



While this is drying, we can start on the weapon mount

Remove the marked areas from the teleport homer and glue the searchlight to the top




Trim the ravenwing sensor and attach it to the side of your weapon, then glue this to the weapon mount.

I used a plasticard piston to hold the whole thing in place while it dried



Then glue the completed mount to the rear of the bike, attach the wheels et voila!



hope that's nice and clear!


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im making a batch of these as i type this - i've never been so excited for a conversion project EVER.


i really think (if it isnt allready) it should be librarium'd - totally deserves it - its a great and clear tut with FANTASIC end results. unmisable :)


cheers to binary!



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The Librarium is here!


Binary, can we post this up in the Librarium? Full credit will be given.


aah, Sigismund is a legend :P


he's like some uber-powered Librarium ninja of doom :o good thing to be :P


just like to thank binary again (call me crazy ^_^) but the quads rock...just built 5 and they are just...wow...:P


Cheers :)



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Nice tutorial Binary,and an even better end result. Im definatly going to make some of these for my Dragon Claws. So,as a quick question,where abouts do you cut on the sentinel legs for the front forks? I think i know but i thought id ask just incase,sorry if its obviously clear to everyone else.Also,would it work as well without the weapon? and what else can be used as an engine??


Plus,do you think i could use the same technique and parts but use the main body of a chaos bike??






The Red Dragon

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Would this fly as an attack bike in a tournament?


I am guessing that it may depend on the judges/organizers.


I HATE the official attack bike model, and would love to spend the time making something like this to replace it.

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