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Ye Olde Decal Project

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The goal of this project is to provide Space Marine players with Chapter decals for the numerous official GW Chapters that unfortunately do not have their own shoulder pads or full decal sheets.

The decals that are available in the downloads area are created by Bolter and Chainsword members for the community at large.

Current decals have been created by:
Max Dammit
My Name is Tudor
Celestial Dragon King
BigRed from Bell of Lost Souls
Da Boss

Emperor's Fury



Please make sure you read the Decal description as the file submitter isn't always the creator (particularly from the early days of our downloads section when only admins could load files to it).

If you would like to help out by producing some decal sheets, please contact Kurgan the Lurker.

You can also use this thread to request decal sheets for official Chapters, Sisters of Battle orders, Chaos Marines or squad symbols. However please keep in mind that the people doing the decal sheets are all volunteers and so do this in their spare time. This means that while you might request "Chapter X" decal sheets there is no guarantee it will be done soon or at all. The decals being done are left up to those making them.

New decals will have a post in the News and Rumors forum as well as being added to the master lst here in this thread.

The intial portions of this thread are broken down into the following areas:

Decal Tools
Imperial Space Marines
Chaos & Renegade Space Marines
Pre Heresy Legions
Forces of the Inquisition
Adeptus Mechanicus
Generic Symbols

Edited by Kurgan the Lurker
Added C793 to the makers list.
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The following items will help you to create, print or design your own decals.
Graphic program:
GIMP 2.0 - free photoshop type program.

Inkscape - free Illustrator type program.

Decal Template:
Tubal's Decal Template (A5 size)

Decal Paper Suppliers:
Tangopapa Decals

Decal How To's:
Make your own decals by Tom Prestia (PDF)
Make your own decals by Eric Kersbergen
Custom Decal tutorial by Bell of Lost Souls


Try printing the image sideways on the paper. An A5 is an A4 cut in half, so they 'stack' if you print on an A4. Or you could just cut the paper into A5 before printing. US Letter is slightly different in size so it might not be a perfect fit, but printing it sideways should still give a better result :smile:
When I want to print to exact measurements I actually use Microsoft Word to position the images on the paper, set the size and orientation etc.


If you have anything to add to this list please contact a PCA Mod or Kurgan the Lurker.
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Angels Encarmine
Angels Encarmine
Angels of Absolution
Angels of Absolution - BOLS
Angels of Redemption
Angels of Redemption – BOLS
Angels of Vengeance 1
Angels of Vengeance 2
Angels of Vengeance 3
Angels of Vigilance
Angels Porphyr
Angels Sanguine
Angels Sanguine
Angels Vermillion
Angels Vermillion
Avenging Sons

Black Consuls
Black Dragons

Black Dragons Alternate

Black Templars (Red and Black)

Blood Angels RT Era 1

Blood Angels RT Era 2
Blood Angels 1st Co.
Blood Angels 2nd Co.
Blood Angels 3rd Co.
Blood Angels 4th Co.
Blood Angels 5th Co.
Blood Angels 6th Co.
Blood Angels 7th Co.
Blood Angels 8th Co.
Blood Angels 9th Co.
Blood Ravens
Blood Ravens - BOLS
Blood Ravens - Peredyne
Blood Ravens - Tigurius Marius
Blood Ravens - Shoemaker
Blood Swords
Brazen Claw
Brazen Minotaur
Brotherhood of a Thousand

Carcharodon Astra

Charnel Guard
Crimson Fist
Crimson Guard

Dark Angels - Rogue Trader and other variants
Dark Hands
Dark Hands
Dark Hunters
Dark Sons
Death Eagles
Death Knights
Death Spectres
Disciples of Caliban
Doom Eagles
Doom Warriors

Eagle Warriors
Emperor's Hand
Emperor's Spears


Executioners - IA Badab War
Executioners - BOLS
Exorcists - BOLS

Fire Angels - BOLS
Fire Hawks - Rogue Trader - BOLS
Fire Lords
Flame Eagles
Flesh Eaters - Rogue Trader
Flesh Tearers 1
Flesh Tearers - BOLS

Genesis - BOLS
Golden Gryphons

Guardians of Celeres
Guardians of the Covenant

Hawk Lords
Heralds of Ultramar
Howling Griffons
Howling Griffons - BOLS

Imperial Fist
Imperial Paladins
Imperial Talons
Iron Fists
Iron Hands - BOLS

Iron Knights
Iron Lords 1
Iron Lords 2
Iron Snakes
Iron Snakes - BOLS

Knights Errant
Knights of the Raven

Lamenters - BOLS
Legio Bolter and Chainsword
Legion of the Damned
Lions of Alba
Lion Warriors

Mantis Warriors 1
Mantis Warriors 2
Mantis Warriors - BOLS
Marines Errant
Marines Errant - BOLS
Marines Exemplar
Marines Malevolent
Masters of Protelus
Mentor Legion - Rogue Trader silhouette
Mentor Legion - Rogue Trader full
Mentor Legion - modern
Mentor Legion - modern
Minotaurs - IA 10
Minotaurs - Rogue Trader
Minotaurs - Rogue Trader - BOLS

Nova Marines
Nova Marines - BOLS

Omega Marines

Praetors of Orpheus

Rainbow Warriors
Rainbow Warriors - BOLS
Raptors modern
Raptors RT era - BOLS
Raven Guard
Raven Guard - BOLS
Red Hunters
Red Legion
Red Scorpions
Red Scorpoins - BOLS
Red Talons
Red Templar
Red Wolves
Relictors - BOLS

Sable Swords

Salamander Company/Squad Markings

Salamander Flame Markings

Salamander RT ERA Markings

Salamander Honour Markings

Scythes of the Emperor
Scythes of the Emperor - BOLS
Silver Skulls
Skull Bearers 1
Sons of Guilliman

Sons of Jaghatai
Sons of Medusa
Sons of Medusa - BOLS
Sons of Orar
Soul Drinkers
Soul Drinkers - BOLS
Space Sharks Rogue Trader 1
Space Sharks Rogue Trader - BOLS
Space Sharks Rogue Trader 2
Space Sharks -Carcharodon Astra
Space Wolves - 13th Co.

Space Wolves - Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Co.
Space Wolves - Bran Redmaw Great Co.

Space Wolves - Bran Redmaw's Great Co.

Space Wolves - Egil Iron Wolf's Great Co.
Space Wolves - Engir Krakendoom Great Co.

Space Wolves - Engir Krakendoom's Great Co.

Space Wolves - Eric Morkai's Great Co.

Space Wolf - Furthark Runes

Space Wolf - Germano/Norse Symbols
Space Wolves - Gunnar Redmoon Great Co.

Gunnar Redmoon's Great Co.
Space Wolves - Harald Deathwolf Great Co.

Space Wolves - Harald Deathwolf's Great Co.
Space Wolves - Kjral Grimblood Great Co.

Kjral Grimblood's Great Co.
Space Wolves - Krom Dragongaze Great Co.

Krom Dragongaze's Great Co.

Space Wolves - Logan Grimnar's Great Co.
Space Wolves - Ragnar Blackmane Great Co.

Space Wolves - Random Wolf emblems

Space Wolves - Sven Bloodhowl Great Co.

Space Wolves - Sven Bloodhowl's Great Co.

Star Dragons
Star Phantoms
Steel Confessors - Silver
Steel Confessors - Grey
Steel Confessors - Dark
Storm Giants
Storm Hawks
Storm Lords
Storm Wardens
Storm Warriors
Storm Wings

Tigers Argent


White Consuls
White Minotaurs
White Panthers
White Templar

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  • 3 years later...

I'm wanting to use a fleur de lis design for my Black Templar crusade and don't feel too confident about free-handing it. I'd have a go at creating a decal sheet myself but as my computer crapped out on me a while back i'm stuck using a rather old and incredibly slow borrowed laptop that doing the simplest task is a nightmare on.


I'd like to request a sheet of fleur de lis in varying sizes (battle standard, backpack banner, PA storm shield, kneepad and all over design for cloaks) using the image below, but in a golden yellow (retaining the black outline).




Many thanks in advance to anyone who can do this, it will be much appreciated.

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Ok folks, we've refired up the Decals thread.


Thankfully we only lost a handful of decals in the upgrade. They are still in the list above but their links have been turned off. If anyone has those sheets, please contact me via PM. All the others now have links that go to their location in the new downloads area.


As ever, if you are interested in doing decals please contact me as well, we can often provide the art you'll need to make the sheets.


You can put your requests in this thread, but keep in mind, those who have done the decals have done so at the cost of their own free time and are not beholden to fulfilling requests for decals. They do so out of their own kindness and love of the hobby.

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Hi does anybody know how to print out white transfers?


it just a case of printing desired design and it will pop right out? Only I'm not sure how to get white ink from my printer. I was thinking of getting the white transfer sheets, but then cutting them out will be a bitch.

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Ah, would I be able to edit the sheets you have here once I download them or would I be better off asking to owner of the sheets to edit it for me. My problem is I'm doing a Disciples of Caliban army and the transfers are a bitch, BUT if one as to put, let's say a dark angels/Caliban green box around the white that way you wouldn't have to cut out the design and as long as you use transfer gloss (I forget the name of it, lahmian medium or whatever) you wouldn't be able to tell where the outline was. And C and Con this would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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If you know what you are doing then yes you could add a green square. However a square decal is going to have a much harder time sitting on the shoulder pad properly (even with solvents) than an X shaped one.


And yes that is the type of paper you can use.

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Has anyone got any advice for ordering custom-made decals? I unfortunately do not have easy access to an inkjet printer. I basically just want to do a big run of 100-200 transfers of a single symbol (my Chapter symbol) which is black only. Any advice welcome, forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere.

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Hi all, Its been awhile since I've been around. I had a run in with someone who killed the hobby for me. To my luck though I found a new LGS. So its back to my marines.


I was hoping someone could make a decal for my chapter. Its on the generic decal sheet but not in good quantities and sizes. I am using the black border circle with the black lightning bolt on a white background.


Thanks guys!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Great Space Wolves decals, but seems we're missing Logan's pre-Great Wolf decals and the Wolf That Stalks The Stars. Just thinking in terms of completion. 


Also, another nifty decal set might be "Battles of Note," with Armageddon and similar campaign badges, if there are examples out there. 

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