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The Road to the Grand Tournament

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I finally took the plunge and bought a ticket to Heat 3 of this years UK Grand Tournament. Well, looking at my current Salamanders army (which was rushed - very rushed) I realized that I could not take them to the tournament, as to be honest I am pretty ashamed of them. So...



...I decided to start a whole 1500pts army again from scratch, and thought I would try my best to at least get an honorable mention in the Best Army section. As such every marine will be converted in some way, a lot of them heavily.


I am going to hold off writing an army list until the new 'dex is out, as such I am ftm working on the staple of the list - 3 tactical squads and a command squad.


So here are the images:


Command Squad



Captain - he needs a lot of work. Yes the mold lines on the hammer will be removed. The thing behind him is a vox amplifier being carried by two servo skulls - more detail to be added here:


Company Champion and Flamer marine:


The flamer marine will also double as Vulkan He'stan when I want to field him, which I may do if the GT allows it.


All my tactical squads are themed to a certain design, with each member hopefully conveying that design. Squad N'dan is themed around holding a defensive position. Squad 2 is themed around (roughly) half the squad laying down suppressive fire whilst the rest of the squad charge between positions. Finally Squad 3 is themed around a combat patrol, with a cautious, almost stealthy appearance.



Tactical squad N'dan - these guys have done the rounds on the B&C already, so nothing really new... OR IS THERE???


Sgt N'dan:


The Squad:


The latest member of the unit, bringing them up to 6 strong:




Tactical Squad 2 - not named the Sergeant yet. :devil:

Squad (with Vindicator) - if you look closely on the right hand side you can see the 6th squad member, a marine shoulder-charging forward, but none of the pics of him came out well:


Sgt and Heavy Weapon:


Fallen marine:


Marine with eviscerator:


Marine kicking down a wall (this guy needs lots of work, and the wall will have loose bricks coming off in all directions:



Tactical Squad 3 - again no name for the Sergeant yet - can you guess what inspired him? His other arm will have a power fist rested across his knee. The heavy bolter guy, when finished, will have a fully sculpted doorway he is stood in, it'll hopefully look cool.

Sgt and Heavy:


2 Marines - the one on the left will be posed walking backwards - he's supposed to be the rearguard of the squad. The one on the right will be stood near the Sergeant, voxing in to HQ - I need to sculpt fingers pressing into the side of his headset. His gun is supposed to look like it is magnetized to his chest - I wanted the whole "at ease" pose to come across. Does it work?




Well, this is as far as it looks so far... I have the Assault at Black Reach and Space Marine Spearhead box sets pre-ordered ready to expand this force. For the list I am considering Vulkan Hestan, lots of marines in rhinos, and as many drop-podding dreadnoughts as I can fit.


As always, comments and critique will be most appreciated.

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Holy crap...I see Solid Snake... *laughs* Anyways, brilliant work so far, they look stellar, and I would just like to say that the Solid Snake inspiration guy could use some ammo pouches and a pistol at his waist. Doing that, you would have the coolest Salamanders ever.
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On the last marine, the at ease pose is spoiled by having the arm way too high up. Try having it lower (yes I know that means breaking your GS) but at the moment, that looks horribly uncomfortable (try actually holding your arm like that!)


My suggestion would be try it with his arm loose at his side, pointing straight down, bolter pointing to the floor.


Other than that, these guys are cool.

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I love your infantry, but that command squad leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I like the Masters of the Chapter models, but I think it is cliche to use them as a command squad. You have the talent to convert a much better command squad, just don't let laziness and pressure for time cause you to mess up your models.


I'd rather do it right the first time and not regret wasting time on the first batch. I'm happy I took the time to assemble my army with care for the GT I took part in. I had a blast playing the army, I had a satisfaction I had never felt before, and I walked home with the Best Army award. If you take your time and convert all of your models to the same caliber as your infantry, you will be a contender for Best Army. Promise.

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I LIKE my command squad, why should I not use the masters of chapter as such? I want them to be center-piece of my army, and so far I am happy with how they are turning out. If you think it's cliche, then hopefully tactical squad 4 will help drag your attention from them. I am planning on using the dark angel veteran squad box to make a squad of promethean cult devotees, along with bits from the templar upgrade sprue, which I plan on getting from my local GW. We'll see how they turn out. :P
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I love the "squad in cover" theme. First thing tomorrow (day off thankfully) i'll be stealing your pose for the dude jumping the wall...hope you dont mind :D


all in all I think they kick ass, cant wait to see them painted up mate :)

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  • 2 months later...

Finally an update:



First up, tactical squad Y'bor:





Squad D'mon (the most WIP of the 3 squads I have):





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Squad N'dan:

















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Next, the Dreadnoughts:

Ancient Vash'ik (Converted Black Reach Dread)




Ancient He'stor (True Scale Dread and ex-master of the forge)





Their Drop Pods:




Example objective markers:



Vulkan and the Sternguard to come...

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Nice to see you are still in the game turel :D


Loving some of those standard marines you've done, the converting and reposing makes them really stand out from the norm and really works well to describe the setting that everything is taking place in.


Keep up the great work :tu:

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About time you updated this topic, it not like you have two weeks until the GT heat 3 ;) :P


The conversion are looking pretty cool so far, but where the HQ? & can we see a photo of the whole army.


Also on the Drop Pod part... have you glue them door together? I ask because... well you should check out the GT Heat 2 FAQ to do with Drop Pods & True line of sight.


Again looking cool so far & make sure when your down that the GT heat 3 to take a lot photos of the event :D



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Thanks all, I'll get more/better photos as soon as I can.


@Lord_Caldera: The guy you are talking about is holding a door ripped from a wrecked car to use as a shield so him and his buddy with the standard can advance to cover without getting shot to crap. Inspired by another video game, as was the guy blind firing over the wall. I was going to mount both the guy with the door and the standard bearer on a diorama base together but Andy Joyce - the head rules guy for the tournament - said it wouldn't be allowed.


@elijahdprophet: Give it a try mate, it's easier than it looks.


@Insane Psychopath: I checked with Andy Joyce, he said that it was okay to have the drop pods glued shut, so long as I allowed my opponents (and myself) to drawn line of sight through them. Vulkan He'stan is coming, I am saving him for when he is fully painted, as I put a LOT of effort into him.


@bigmackey: I already showed an image of this guy to Andy Joyce, he said it was cool so long as I allowed my opponents to shoot at him so long as they could see the doorway. Which is fine by me.


I also have and expansion to 2000pts planned for this list, which adds in quite a lot considering. Those will come after the tournament though. Not enough time to do both -_-


More to come...

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