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Modelling: GS runes

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I've been asked for a short tutorial on how I did my runes. It's a basic procedure but here goes.


Step 1 - roll some GS into a thin tube



Step 2 - cut a small portion of the tube out and place it where you want the rune (shown flattened)



Step 3 - (Allow step 2 to dry) place another small strip of GS on an angle to your first piece



Step 4 - blend step 3 into step 2 at the joint and straighten all the edges



Step 5 - continue using small strips to add angles, blending them at the contact points



finished rune:



To do this tutorial I did the work on flat plastic sheet. The same thing can be done on curved edges too





Continue to add small strips of GS to the mini until you are happy. Or go overboard like I did :P



Hope it helps someone out there.


Better days,

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cool tutorial, but i have a teensy problem, when i sculpt onto a clean surface, with the intention of putting it on armour, it sticks to the 'clean surface' how do you ger around this? cos they then get damaged as i take them off the surface to fit to the armour
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