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Dusk Raider's Death Guard Army WIP


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Hey folks,

I've posted pics up of my Death Guard from time to time as I get pieces done, but for a while I've gotten side tracked with the release of Daemons and my ongoing Renegade Militia army, so I pushed my beloved DG to the side for a long time. Well, I've decided to get my priorities in order and for about a week I've been working on finishing the models I have. So this here topic will be updated from time to time when I get pieces finished or to show my progress thus far. I will tell you, it's taken a while to collect this army... I originally had a Death Guard army I started back in '02, which I built upon for years until Forge World (aka the bane of my bank account) released their beautiful Death Guard kits.

By that point, I had already picked up a bunch of DG conversion pieces for my tanks and a couple Dreadnoughts to smooth out the army. But this... this was different. I began saving up and eventually made my orders. The first order was to be 3 kits of 10 Plague Marines and 1 kit of 5 Terminators, which FW got the other way around much to my disappointment. Much to my happiness (and GWs great marketing strategy), they fixed the issue and also let me keep the additional Terminator kits.

It's taken me up until now to complete the models. At this point I now have a full Forge World Death Guard army, consisting of 60 Plague Marines, 14 Terminators, 3 Dreadnoughts, a Death Guard Sorcerer, a Death Guard Terminator Lord, 3 Rhinos, a Land Raider, a Dread Claw, my custom built Defiler, and 2 Vindicators. My resolution is to avoid purchasing anything else until I finish painting this army to completion. And with that said, I received my FW Daemon Prince of Nurgle today, (which will be used for my Daemons, BTW) hehe!

In any case, enjoy my work, I love comments and criticism, I'll be updating when I have the chance, and I'll apologize in advance for the sometimes weak photos... I've been using my cell phone's camera for pretty much all my pics, but I'm working on building a light box and I just got my fiance a digi-cam so I'll be trying that out.


Thanks in advance!













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Hey folks, just a quick update. Here's some more photos of the Nurgle Daemon Prince. He's coming along nice, IMO. Should be done tonight or tomorrow.





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Here's another picture I just took... all of the boils, blisters, exposed flesh, and so forth are completed. All that's left is his tabard, toenails on his left foot, and metal workings, then he's finished!



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FINALLY! My Daemon Prince Mamon is finished! Let me know what you think...






Next up is his Herald.

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thats a very different choice of color for the flesh and i like it :)


overall its a very well painted model. good job :)


OT: what is the casting like in that model? any bubbles or warping on the parts?

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Thank you! The casting was actually really good, both the Daemon Prince and Herald came out with no warping at all... Seems resin has that problem often, my Minotaur Earthshaker Cannons are warped and it's a pain fixing. No bubbling either, but really I don't think you'd notice with these guys, they're so covered in boils and such, haha.


I'll post pics of the Herald tomorrow, I started AND finished him today.

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At the moment I have around 10 of my Plague Marines painted. My older models are completely painted, when I started on these guys I had a bunch of other projects on my plate as well (mainly Daemons) that took away my attention. I'll be getting back on track now, I painted the Daemon Prince and Herald, got it out of my system... which reminds me, I'll be posting pics of the Herald soon. He turned out pretty nice.
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Well, as promised... I bring you, my Herald of Nurgle! This guy's actually really nifty and I love that Forge World gave me a second model to compliment the astounding Daemon Prince. This guy reminds me of a cultist from Dark Mechanicus or something... maybe a preview of what FW has in store???







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Hey kids!

Just another installment of my Death Guard army. This time, I'm working on my Sorcerer... which is kinda weird, since I detest using Sorcerers. Ah well, I love the model. Bear in mind, it is just WIP at this point.







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Well, the Sorcerer is done. He turned out decent, his Force Glaive actually has a glowing effect in person, I think the lighting I took the picture in goofed that up. In any case, enjoy!











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Look at this, two updates in a day! Here's my Icon Bearer, which also doubles as an Aspiring Champion's Personal Icon Bearer in my PM squads.


Also, for the paint scheme, it's as follows:


Primed black

drybrush of Bleached Bone

coat of Brown Ink (I stockpiled on the older inks before they were retired, lol)

another drybrush of Bleached Bone (more consistent for a more white armour, less for a whitish-brown)

the green trim is Camo Green with a light coat of Brown Ink after applied


The horns, bones, and other such things are as follows:


basecoat Bleached Bone

coat of Yellow Ink

coat of Flesh Wash

drybrushing of Bleached Bone


and finally, my rust recipe! This requires Reaper Miniature paints exclusively:


basecoat of Walnut

stipling of Volcanic Brown

drybrush of Burnt Orange

slightly thicker drybrush of Hawkwood


And that's my Death Guard scheme! There are some pics of some of my PMs on my Photobucket, probably third page or so (I upload ALL of my stuff, lol)











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Update! Finished 4 more Death Guard since my last update, and as of writing this, I have 5 more that are also almost finished. I've also taken a group shot of those completed thus far.











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Why thank you, my friend. Yeah, I love painting Nurgle daemons! I'll be updating more tomorrow with 5 more Plague Marines finished. I'm blowing through these, as I told myself I can't buy any new FW pieces until I finish what I have... I'm limiting that to my Death Guard, though... WAAAY too many Renegades (almost 200 troops alone and about 15 tanks!)
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i like the painting a lot. it is smooth and professional yet retains the nurgle disgusting feel. i don't know how to describe it fully other than i like it alot more than some of the usual toothbrush flicking of browns and greens.


ps. i love the fw daemon prince's hot tub, you see the nurglings "just chillin" :cuss

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