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Pre heresy Imperial Fist Army.


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Now this is my first post here on bolter and chainsword so I hope I've got the right section and everything. I've gotta say there are some fantastic things on here and some great tutorials i will be using.


Without further ado here is my pre heresy imperial fists army.


I am entering into a pre Heresy campaign at the local shop. The campaign is 1500 points which includes a primarch at 450 points so the actual army will be only be around 1000 points. Although I plan to take it up to 2000/2500. I'm not sure if I will actually make Dorn yet.


I did have an imperial fist army before so this will be my second attempt at it. I ripped the whole of the last army apart, paint stripped everything and then sprayed it all....






Now I'm not crazy! Painting yellow over white never gave me a result I was happy with. I have done some test models using the foundation paints and I really happy with how they are turning out so far.


I am going for a darker more gritty yellow than before, using this fantastic artwork as inspiration;




Here are the results;




I'm looking at achieving something in between the two legs. I have one more test fig to do and I will post him up when he is done. In the meantime I want to get the whole army base coated.


Hopefully you all like what you see. Any comments, advice, critiscm, praise ect would be hugely appreciated.


Many thanks.

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Lucifer fellblade; I havn't got the yellow nailed just yet when I do the other test model I will post the recipe up for you.


Horus Aximand, Reaper88 and Brother Tancred; Thanks for your comments and here are some closeups.






He was already mostly painted from the previous army but I have changed his plasma pistol for a chaos one and I will be giving him a jump pack soon.


Assault Squad.




I will be making the jump packs for these using a tutorial that I found on here.






This guy hasn't changed much from before except I magnetised his waist. I've also ordered a twin linked autocannon from forgeworld which is why his arm isn't attached properly yet.


Thanks for all your comments so far.

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It's good to see another proud Fist'er who uses red for the cracks in armor, I was starting to worry that we were a dying breed. Too many a newbie have turned to the scheme of bumblebee marines (black lining yellow is just yuck), or quit after a layer of Iyanden Darksun. Keep 'em coming.
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Brother Syphus, There is no red in the armour, I weathered it by doing a wash of scorched brown and black mix. Although it does kind of look a bit redish. Thanks for the compliment though, the shoulder pad rim's will be black... Does that make them bumblebee marines? :lol:


Here's some closeup's of the armour.




This is the forgeworld version of the vindicator because I got it before the plastic version came out. It was a pain to put together and the siege shield just wouldn't go on straight so when I ripped the army apart I took the shield off and magnetised it so now it lines up alot better than before.




I've ordered some dozer blades from forgeworld for these which I will attach with magnets much like the vindicator.



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Here's the progress I've made on the Commander. I will be using him as Rogal Dorn in the campaign;




I have no idea what head to use at he moment.



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Some more closeup's of the first tactical squad.






Hopefully you can see all the different marks of armour.

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Some closeups of the other tactical squad;






I've got one squad running and one squad stationary when I add a third squad I will most likely do them up as a stern guard vetern squad and use them as either.


I have made some painting progress, half the army now has one coat of Iyanden darksun on them. :)

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I love these, I've been tempted to do a pre-heresy force for a very long time. Could never decide on the Fists or their nemesis Iron Warriors...
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Lucifer Fellblade; I use the Red scorpion piece's and then cut and green stuff the legs to make the right looking knee pads. I have used one of the black templar helmets to vary them a little. Any more questions just fire away.


Reyner; Iron Warriors would be very cool to do I have a friend who plays them. A little faster to paint than yellow...


Skringley; It does and here is the latest test model. I will put up a proper step by step guide later when I have painted some more of the army.


Test Marine MK3.


It might seem like a unecessary amount of pictures for a single test figure but I want you to be able to see him clearly. These arn't the greatest photos and I havn't done the best paint job on him but hopefully you get the idea a little better than before.


The yellow is alot smoother in real life and once I start on the actual army it will be smoother still.






Without Battle Damage.






With Battle damage.




A shot with a different angle and different lighting.


The Recipe.


Black Spray undercoat.

1 Coat of Iyanden Darksun.

Another Coat of Iyanden Darksun.

Chaos black and scorched brown mixed wash.

Iyanden Darksun mixed with Sunburst yellow.

Mix in a little more sunburst.

A little more sunburst.

Then just add some battle damage and your done.


Once I have a chance to get some of the army painted I will get a good step by step guide up for you all.


Thanks once again.

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I can see the conversion pictures. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......sniff lol.

I like the artwork, apart from the iron halo and the sword which i thought was naff, no offense, the entire thing was create the iamge felt smaller than it really was meant to be thought, it felt kinda squashed, can you put your conversions on deviant art and post the link here? I really want to see it * bounces up and down ethusiastically*.



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Thanks for all your comments, Antique Nova do you mean you can't see the pictures in this thread? If you can't my photobucket account is;




Just click on the Pre heresy Imperial fist's.


Updated time.




I had a look through my set of Iron warrior parts that I ordered and someone on another board suggestedthe crusade helmet but I don't have any of those so I shaved the horns off one of the iron warriors helmets and gave it to the commander.


I've still got to neated up the brown stuff, add some rivets and do alot of work with the arms but the finishing line is near for this guy.


Hope you like him.

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Another quick update,




I put the rest of the forgeworld stuff together.




All I have left to do is magnetise the Dozer blades, neaten up the deadnought arm, finish the commander, make six jump packs and then I can go full force into the painting.

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