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Lord Mongol

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I'm new to the forums, big fan of what I've seen, and all about bolters and chainswords! I've taken a lot from the pics and tutorials people have posted and decided to sign up so that I can show off what I'm doing and get some feedback.


What am I up to? Right now, a mostly assembled, partially painted, and in a tournament this weekend is a 1500 pts Ultramarines list. This is my top of the queue project at the moment. I've also got a large amount of Imperial Guard awaiting assembly, some waiting to be stripped, and two rifle squads painted to my approval. Pics will follow.


My plan is to start a WIP thread for my Ultramarines and get some feedback. I will probably start that post tonight. Once I get that project up to snuff I'll let you in on my other numerous and ridiculous projects!



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