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Newbie. (: Harhar.


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Hey there. (:

I'm Kevin/deadwingxx~


I've been -in- to Warhammer 40,000 for years, but I never actually played/collected an army until recently.

Well...I "played" way back when, but that was just my brother's SM on a Lego ship, shooting off my Kroot's heads with

the little missle launchers...



I've been playing Chaos Daemons lately, but I've decided to start a new Space Marine DIY chapter.

Although I'm still working on their backstory, I have the color scheme down and everything, and even have a test

marine painted! I'm going to try to upload a picture of him soon. He came out really well. (:


Anyways, besides WH40k, I enjoy playing Rock Band, buying clothes, being well-dressed (if you can call it that), and I love music. (:

In my gaming group at the local hobby center, I am the token scene kid. xD


Other random facts:

- I painted ALL my daemons blue. They look badass. Especially my Bloodletters and Soul Grinder.

- I've never lost a match against anyone I've fought. 12-0. Booya.

- I would also like to collect SoB and Dark Eldar.


Oh, and here's the color scheme for my chapter, the Flash Hawks. (:





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