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I managed to find my away across the warp to these forums. I was never much of a TT kind of guy but I am a huge fan of the background fluff. Most of my writing has been horror, reports / debriefs (All three go hand in hand) and espionage fiction. I have an ancient Warhammer book, in great condition, from back in 1999 I think. It basically showcases all of the races and gives a little history for each but Ive read that thing hundreds of times over the years. I also have an White Dwarf magazine and Vampire Counts supplement dating back to 2005. Yeah back then I had no idea but lately, within the past months its hit me. I've read a few codexes simply for the fluff and artwork but after reading the first story in the Ultramarines omnibus I was hooked on fluff. Uriel Ventris is an interesting character but they just seem so boring. Heck he even reprimanded one of his squad mates for shooting at a slumbering Necron and made him fast for two weeks and pray every day. Also get over Guilliman...yes he is epic but come on lol.


The biggest problem for me right now is just finding my topic to write about. I am halfway through the first book in the Eisenhorn omnibus and started the Grey Knights omnibus a couple of weeks ago. I was at the Barnes and Noble (bookstore) reading a few chapters from "Cadian Blood" and "The Founding" today. I also did some preliminary reading in Dark Apostle on the first few chapters. While the Astartes are awesome I find the most interest in the Chaos Space Marines (Heresy I know I can already feel the Inquisition coming) and the latter, the Inquisition, but I will admit I like the gritty Imperial Guard also. But as for the Inquisition I have an Inquisitor already thought up but I love the Inquisitor Voke / Monodominant approach of flashing the rosette, telling everyone to shut up and that you represent the Emperor's Holy Orders of the Inquisition. And getting to say that line to some stuck up egotistic douche-bag or overconfident heretic is priceless. As for the Tainted Astartes I find them intimidating and awesome. They were my favorite race in Dawn of War (Can't wait for the Chaos Rising expansion) and frankly I love the bad guys. It's also really interesting read from their perspective but that is also where my biggest hurdle is...getting it right. As for more reading (I do a lot of it) I finished Horus Rising and need to find the time to finish the HH series (A Thousand Sons is looking good)


So enough of the ranting that seems to be my introduction. It's nice to have found these forums and it's nice to meet you.

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Being new myself, and an avid reader of pretty much everything you just described, except loyal Astrates over Chaos, I'm sure we will get along just fine, I'd love to read anything that you may think of. I'm sort of an aspiring author myself, but my problem lies in being able to stay focused on one thing to write about at a time. You should read the stories in the Liber Comminiscor, its were you can put up fan fiction for others to read and reply with their thoughts, I've found it has a lot of inspiration to be found.


Best of luck to you in your search for a story idea.

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