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[LPC] Lamentors


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more Lamentors!

Some of you may remember the last lot, completed in the middle of moving house and settling in to a new job, consisting of 2 AoBR Tactical Squads and a 5-man Terminator Squad.

Well, this year I'm cutting back a little bit so the full list is as follows:

5 Terminators:

1x Assault cannon/Power fist

1x Cyclone Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter/Power Fist

1x Heavy Flamer/Power Fist

2x Storm Bolter/Chainfist

Command Squad:

Company Champion


Standard Bearer


XXX (havent decided what this guy wil have - any suggestions?)

Tactical squad:

10-man AoBR Squad

2x Lascannon-armed Devastator Marines

Some have been undercoated, and I will admit the Company Champion has his first layer of yellow on the armour, but I figure he's not too far along when added to the others.

(pic containing the Terms, Command Squad and Lascannon marines - tac squad are off sprues but in a big bag with a load of other bits so I'll find them this weekend)

Onwards, onwards to victory or ignomy!


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So, after 2 stag do's (well, 1 practice and 1 proper...) and a bit of madness I thought I'd better get n update in as its only another 2 weeks or so till the deadline. Eek!!!!!!!!

Termies - mostly painted. Could use them on TT as they are, but I want to do a bit more to them before I start sticking bits together:


also in there are the 2 lascannon marines (need left hands doing and checked shoulders, the Company champ (needs backpack finishing) and the standard bearer (also needs backpack).

then we have the other 3 command squad guys:


medic on one knee, plasma gunner, and another marine (still no idea, but probably will get a plas if i can find a spare)

and then finally the grunts:


These guys are the ones who are least finished. 4 are still only undercoated, but they shouldnt take too long to get ready. As these guys are unliley to get used in anything short of Apoc, I'm not actually too fussed about them being perfect at the moment (the other 2 squads I've already got done are more than I'll be needing for a Lamenters army for a while I think).

Now all i've got to do is get these guys done by the end of the month and get to the wedding on time.

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Just a quickie as I really need to get ready for wedding.

Mariens painted - all checked shoulders done, a few bolters could do with boltgun metal on them and second plasma-gunner in command squad is currently holding a bolter as a place-holder (didnt have the funds to aquire another plasmagun in time sadly).


I'll try and put up some better pics when I'm back on Friday.

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Well, Finally managed to get photos sorted.

First some squad shots...

Command Squad


Tactical Squad


Lascannon marines




And finally:

"Fear me, for I am YELLOW!" (includes next couple of painting projects on the right-hand side)


Done, dusted and now time to go play with little red soldiers...

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