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A quick guide to which models you can use to represent your Black Templar units. Much of this information has been put together from older threads so thanks to those who have generously donated their ideas to the community. :tu:


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Black Templars Upgrade Pack

Full of BT specific extras such as close combat weapons, guns, accessories and vehicle doors. It does not contain full models, only bits to make your existing models look more templary. These add-on pieces are not required to field a Black Templars army but they certainly do make the models stand out. All components shown here.




Emperor's Champion:

There is an official model but don't let that stop you from creating your own individual Champion!

From page 15 of Codex: Black Templars; "...and he will be gifted with the best weapons and armour in the force. Although the actual weapon and armour may change, they are always known as the Black Sword and the Armour of Faith."

Almost any Space Marine model can be converted to represent a Champion, check out the Hall of Champions to see other member's efforts.


Marshal and Castellan:

The Black Templar equivalent of a Space Marine Captain and may be represented with the same models. A Space Marine Commander box set combined with an upgrade pack is simple but effective.


Chaplain and Cenobyte Servitors:

Chaplains use the same models as Codex: Space Marines, however Cenobyte servitors are unique to the Black Templars. The only official models are part of the Chaplain Grimaldus box set but anything could be used to represent them. Inquisitorial Henchmen are common, as are Neophytes/Initiates carrying relics and standards. The Fantasy range also has some good substitutes.


Command Squad:

Use the same models as Codex: Space Marines. The Command Squad box set contains the appropriate components to create all the specialists (Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Company Champion and Sergeant). Regular troopers in the squad can be represented with power armoured models like Initiates (see Crusader Squad).




Sword Brethren:

The box set contains 5 models which are 3 models with close combat weapons, 1 with power weapon and 1 with lightning claws. If you want to use any other options listed in the codex then you are forced to either convert the metal models or create your own from scratch.

They can be represented with power armoured models like Initiates (see Crusader Squad). However it is common to adorn them heavily with fancy parts befitting their elite status.


Dreadnoughts, Terminators and Techmarines:

Use the same models as Codex: Space Marines.




Crusader Squads:

Initiates are represented by power armoured Space Marine models and Neophytes are represented by Scout models.


For Initiates armed with boltguns and special weapons, the Tactical Squad box is the most useful as it includes bolters for all models and 1 of each special weapon and also a missile launcher. Heavy weapons are only available in blister packs (individual weapons) and the Devestator Squad box (several of each weapon).


Initiates armed with close combat weapons used to be easily acquired from the Space Wolf Blood Claw box but this product is no longer available due to the release of the new codex and models. This has made the construction of Crusader Squads much more challenging.


There are several alternative box set options available to us (but not limited to these listed):

- BT upgrade pack. Only contains enough chainswords and bolt pistols to equip 6 Initiates although it does come with several special close combat weapons and special weapons. Must be combined with another box like a Tactical Squad to complete full models.

- Space Marine Assault Squads. Contain enough parts for 5 marines with close combat weapons and also comes with a number of special close combat weapons. Just remove jump packs and they are ready to go.

- Khorne Beserkers/Chaos Space Marines. Contains a large number of bolt pistols and chainswords but the drawback is that they are all covered in Chaos iconography.


The other major source of bolt pistols and chainswords are online shops, in particular bitz sites which sell individual components (see Online Shops section).


The Space Marine Scout box contains the required parts to build 5 Neophytes with either close combat weapons and bolt pistols, or shotguns.

If you don't like the look of Scouts you can try models from the Empire or Brettonia Fantasy armies to make interesting count-as Neophytes.




Rhinos, Razorbacks and Drop Pods:

Use the same models as Codex: Space Marines. It should be noted here that the Razorback set only costs a little bit more than the Rhino set but includes enough parts to build either model, which is useful for anyone who may want to try both units.




Assault Squads, Land Speeders and Bikes:

Use the same models as Codex: Space Marines.




Vindicators, Predators and Land Raiders:

Use the same models as Codex: Space Marines.



Online Stores

These are independent retailers who specialise in providing individual components. They are not directly linked to GW so be careful when dealing with them.

Here are a few shops used by members of this forum;

- Battlewagon Bits

- Bitz Box

- Bitz Barn

- eBay is always a solid source for parts and has a number of bits sellers who operate directly through eBay stores.




Forgeworld is company which produces highly detailed resin models and accessories for Games Workshop games. They produce a number of Black Templar specific items which are high quality but also very expensive.

Resin requires a bit more maintenance than plastic, so you may want to build up some modelling experience before trying to take on a Forgeworld kit.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Remember at the end of the day they are your models and you can be as creative as you like with them. If you do have some unorthodox conversions in your army, it is polite to inform your opponent what they represent at the start of the game to prevent any confusion.


So that's it really. If you have some ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to PM me with your thoughts so I can improve it and keep it up to date.

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