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A wolf howls!


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Hi all, I´m a totally 40k newbie player. I´ve been playing WHFB, BB and many other games beofre, but really 40k never caught my eye..

By now with the new SW sprues I decided make an army, focusing in the conversion and painting of the army rather than the playing side.

I´ll post my list what in fact is a very odd one, so I wanted an army i´ll like to see more than get victories...

so I started it I decided to become a former member and not a lurker :P


well that´s all by the moment... hope I can be as useful to the people as they are been to me while I was lurking

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Welcome whelp!


*passes a stein of ale*


Glad to have another member join our glorious ranks! Also very interested to have another player interested in army composition from a different viewpoint than competitive. I myself create armies that I like the feel of (admittedly not look because my painting is terrible!)


The lads will no doubt be here soon for a little brawl, just keep your cool and don't spill the ale!

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