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New marine player


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After being a ork player up until the AoBR set was released I decided to put down my choppa and join the ranks of the Ultrasmurfs :) . (Ultramarines). But I might create my own chapter as I have yet to paint my marines.


I currently have in my army the AoBR stuff, unit of scouts.


At the weekend I'm getting the AoBR paint set to bolster my army and also for my birthday I'm getting 2 tactical squads, marneus calgar, land speeder, devestator squad and a dreadnaught from my friend.


I am yet to play my first game as a Space Marine Player.


I mainly play CoD:W@W on PS3 (my ID is nero677 if you want to add me).


Before I end,


I'm from England and I live in the Cotswold region of Gloucestershire.



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My custom chapter (Blue Scions) will be using the same doctrine of the Ultramarines. Know to decide a paint scheme for them. Any tips would be much appreciated.

I'm guessig blue will be involved :(

Welcome to the B+C, why not try out the Space Marine painter for some colour ideas. Interested in what you will do.

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