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I be Rider.


Been on here a few times in the past but after starting up a games group at work for the kids thought i'd actually sign up...


Bit of background on me.


Been doing this Marine thing for the last 22 years - started with some old RT marines back in the day, painted up as BA with original weird dreads and even robots!


Dabbled on and off with other armies - in fact everything but DE and Necrons - but always come back to SM. This time around it's the BTs (though the codex has some definite issues under 5th ed....) and i'm slowly building up to the 2k mark. i'll get some WIP and finished pics up at some point. currently in the works are plastic sword brethren, a plastic EC and a FW Ven Dread.


Also worked for GW for 7 years, from key-time to full-time, but left when i entered teacher training.


's about me as an intro.

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