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Returning 2nd edition BA player


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Hi guys,


Figured I should introduce myself over here as I've been lurking for a month or so :P


My name's Rob and I played 2nd edition for a few years. Went off track somewhere after that but have finally come back to the best hobby going. Man lots of things have changed! I'm in the UK, born in Wales but bred in England. Anyone else on here from the Exeter area?


I've been meaning to get back into 40k for years but didn't get around to it until this year. Got the old Black Reach box and a few items from eBay, and now there's no stopping me! My local store has been playing a 500pt campaign recently and I'm up to 1-4 (wins/losses!). With any luck that'll start improving over time.


Now all I need to do it get another 1000 points together so I can start having some meaningful battles against people. I've had a few ideas from completely mechanised to completely jumpy but I'm still not entirely sure how it'll go. Guess I need to get gaming to find out what works and what doesn't ;)


This is my current list thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...howtopic=191710. Nobody's looked at it yet, think I might have used a title that screamed "Don't look at this thread".


Anyway, I'm waffling on now so I'll stop. Thanks for reading!

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Hi im also a returning 2nd edition player, dark angels however. I've completely mechanised my ultra list now in 5th edition. i dont really consider it mechanised but the majority of players do so i guess it is. its kind of the way to go, im going to check out your list


edit: checked it out, but to be completely honest blood angel lists are completely foreign to me and have no idea what im talking about! lol sorry sp4rky but theres plenty of good BA players here so no worries

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haha, that's very kind of you to take a look... I'm sure if I peeked at your DA list I wouldn't have a clue what was going on either :).


Fingers crossed I'll get to test my list out down at the local club soon enough though.

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