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Hey there,


after being around these boards for about two weeks unregistered, I finally came about to sign up. I am 26 year old player from Hamburg (born in Berlin - miss my hometown. :P) in Germany, who dropped 40k around three years ago due to a lack of friends still in the game and a lack of motivation to paint my ~3k points of scaly green SM goodness. Now, a few days later, here I am again. This time, I picked the Daemonhunters, because I am in love wit htheir fluff and their style. While I was mostly lured by looks, I'll try and appreciate their special rules and playing style, too. As with all =][= forces, the idea of inducting other armies appealed to me, so I got myself decked out with about 3.5k pure DH and added 1.5k IG for good measure.


So, that's my profile in a nutshell. Currently, I am more or less motivatedly paint my minis, but as age progressed, so did my patience, so I am making an okay progress. Considering I got four SM done back in the days, I am quite proud on what I achieved by now. Links in sig. :D Though it is nowhere near as good as what I saw around these premises, I am content with it. Some people, like BulldogUK actually make me want to quit painting - love these works of art. Bummer I lack time and commitment to follow suit. :(



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Funnily enough, I already am part of such a challenge, albeit over in the German boards of warhammer.net - it's called "Project 500" over there, as you are supposed to be painting 1500 points in three phases of 500. I just finished my first 500, another 1000 to go - I am on it. It's just that I can't bring myself do sit down and paint without someone around to keep me company. ;)


But, oh well, I try and organize get-togethers with other players and that seems to be rather productive. It's just that I can't really bring myself to sit in a GW shop (couldn't, even, due to working shifts), and all alone at home (my roommate doesn't play 40k nor paint) I get bored and distracted (ADHD!) easily. So, meh. :(


Ah, what the heck, I joined and spoke my vow. ;)

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