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I've been subscribed to this site for over a month and just found this thread. I've been playing 40k for a little over a year now (Space Marines all the way) and only recently started caring about fluff. I finally decided about a month ago to paint up my Marines as Dark Sons, that way I could use them as a DIY chapter. Looking forward to getting some literature into the IA forum and getting some feedback. So yeah, thats basically it.


Oh, and if anyone knows a magic way to paint the Dark Sons symbol that I have hitherto found nearly impossible, let me know. Thanks


For the Emperor!

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Welcome and I was the same way when I started the hobby. I didn;t care about the fluff at all, but you eventually get over that and gobble up every little piece of it you can. it really makes the game that much more fun

Actually the fluff was the whole reason I got involved in the hobby.


Delayed welcome, I suppose.

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