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Reporting For Duty


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Hi I am Ben aka Benjamin385


I Live in Roy, Utah


I am new to bolter and Chainsword but i am building a army small right now but a good starting point.


I was going to start off with tau but a friend on these boards (His user name escapes me at the moment) convinced me to go space marines. He has some space marines on hand and is selling them to me.

I am also buying some from the Dragon roost here in Roy.


I am looking forward to seeing you guys on the Battlefield.

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That's cool, as I advised... something 5000 ;) you might want to start a blog, to do so follow this link http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?automodule=blog .


Also, I am going to say something else I mentioned to him as well. For Tau, go to Warseer. The B and C aren't very keen about xenos, we're all about power armour.

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