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Brother Nero


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Greetings Legio Bolter and Chainsword




I am Battle Brother Nero Avar, assault marine of the 3rd Company of the Raven Guard, a son of Corax and an astrates under the skillful guide of Sahdow Captain Kayvaan Shrike. I am near my first century of service in the ranks of the Raven Guard and I am doing my best to earn the respect and honor from my brothers so I can someday be rised to the rank of Brother Sergeant.



Now OOC:


My name is Nero and I come from Italy. I study law and I have begun to collect several Warhammer 40k armies a year ago. So far my biggest army is the 88th Cadian but I have started recently to collect a Raven Guard force and a Black Legion warband. I like the Raven Guard beacouse of their combat doctrine and fluff (the ninjas of the Warhammer 40k universe) and their humble attitude. They are not the standard glory marines and prefer to get unnoticed when they are doing their bloody work, besides primarch Corax is by far my favourite of all the primarchs.


About the Black Legion I must say that I have become interested in their story thanks to the Heresy books and the inspiring articles of their fans on B&C forums which convinced me that the time has come to crush some loyalist forces as a son of Horus. So far I have only a minor force of chaos marines but I intend to collect a full warband including all of the four gods followers and the elite terminators of the Black Legion under the inspiring command of Warmaster Ezekyle Abaddon known as The Despoiler. Perhaps my assualt marine would someday turn traitor and become one of the infamous members of the Cult of the Raptor.


As for modelling and painting I am a beginner, I adore to convert several miniatures using bits from various sprues and a healthy dose of green stuff but when it comes to painting lets say that I have much to learn and I must compliment with the autors of the B&C tutorials which helped me a lot.


Some of you who have been active on Dawn of War Community may know me as Tenebris the writer and loremaster behind the Storm Eagles DIY chapter. I like to write fluff so someday I could write a novel or a DIY sheet for some chapters.


In conclusion I must thank the autors of the power armor articles here on B&C and I appreciate the dedication of the community to promote the space marines, traitor or loyalist in every way.


P.S: I appologize for my english. Please feel free to correct me if I post some words or sentences wrong, I would appreciate that.


Un saluto da Nero.

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Salut Brother and welcome formerly into the B&C proper. Good to know there is another fluff connoisseur such as myself added to the ranks of the brotherhood of powered armor giants. Cannot wait to see your work, either miniature based or writing based.





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