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Another old fart from the grim and distant past...


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Hello everyone. Joining you from the Madison Wisconsin area (USA) and very glad to be aboard. Near as my enfeebled mind can remember, been playing 40k for 17-18 years, but just got back into it after a 6 year hiatus when my two boys, totally one their own... "discovered" the game from friends at school. Imagine their surprise when I rolled out about 5000 pts each of fully painted eldar and space marines! (it was a good day to be dad)


My first love was Mantis Warrior space marines, fresh from the Badab war. Still working on them after all these years. Have what I think are some pretty neat ideas for the chapter, but I don't like the idea of my opponent being able to say yea or nay on my army list, so I've worked to make them very unique within the context of the existing standard marine rules. Still have a long way to go but I haven't given up on them yet. Most are the original plastic beakies of course... an original land raider and rhinos to match... even a squad of jet bikes. My biggest fear of course is that one day GW will actually make a list for them and all my years of quiet contemplation will go down the drian. Naaaaaaaah.... it'll never happen!


Played craftworld eldar very successfully for years. Still love them but I just can't stand to paint them anymore (they're so inflexible from a modeling/painting perspective... I get bored easily now-a-days). Have a bunch of the old guardians with flamers & melta's, rocket launchers, etc... all the neat stuff you can't use anymore (remember the eldar pirates from the 1st ed. rule book??? yeah, those guys.)


Newest passion is for Bad Moon orks at the behest of my 6-year-old who is the genuine article... just not quite green, otherwise he'd be a perfect grot (always making mischief). Love modeling and painting orks... they're so free-form it's a perfect creative outlet. Fun to play too! Of course being the dad of two youg boys, most of my orky bosses and units have funny stories that go along with them. All very old-school ork (less menacing and more randomly entertaining). "Tales from da Mob" I call them.


Look forward to learning a lot and perhaps contributing a thing or two along the way.


"the Gitsplitta"

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Welcome aboard! ;)


I can't say that I know 40k for all that time, but I had the luck to know the game in the early 90's, when some boxes on the 2nd edition appeared in the RPG store where I hang out. I was a poor student, so I just looked lustfully to the 40k 2nd gigantic box and the fantasy offerings. But played a lot of Space Hulk during that time. Got older, I forgot about the game until recently, when a friend of mine showed me a "new awesome PC game he discovered in a review" - it was Dawn of War. My friend never saw 40k before, but I recognized it immediately, and all the love came back instantly, and I figured out that with the internet, a credit card and a proper job, nothing could stop me from pursuing the hobby now! :D

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We have a very active gaming/40k community here in Madison. A LOT of the younger guys got involved in 40k the same way you did... and I must admit to having all the DOW games in my bookcase as well. Masterful marketing ploy by GW. There is also a group that got sucked in by the stories and the models, but never played. I'm participating in an "intro to 40k league" at the local store to help get up to speed with the new rules. Played a guy who'd been collecting and painting for years but had never played. He had a beautifully painted Blood Angels army and I was only his 3rd game!


I really enjoyed the old Epic game they came out with loooong ago (can't remember the name now). The little cinematic bits in-between the missions were just SO true to the fluff.

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