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Well Hello people of B&C, I'm Fel. As for how I found this place, quite accidently.

Decided it was time I built my own army since the GW in my area closed.

That was when an aspiring champion with an Axe of Khorne could single handedly wipe out orc armies in one turn, which remains one of my most foundest memories before the above closure.

Rather than go back to chaos and it's crazy ways, I feel the need to try and create my loyalist army at least then I have something I can force a brother to play while I get my blood for the blood god.

Already made a start on concieving an idea for my own chapter, and next fortnight I'll be aquiring the first building blocks of it with the plan to have eventually built and painted the entire chapter man for man.

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It's a quick hello to you all, the sort of thing I expected the new nembers section the community area of the forums would be for. Along with a sidetracking of the old days and the plans for the future, essentially the begining point for a conversation should people feel obliged.

Though that is of course assuming there is a point to any choice of words that one thinks up, bar the creation of points within the head of those who either make or read them. But I guess we will assume that and the previous stuff written becomes the point of the previously written stuff.

So onto important matters, what was the point of your reply?

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