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Howdy All

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Was recommended to this site by my mate as i have around 3000pts army that has been collecting dust for a few years, But fear not brothers! this one has returned to the scene. infact got me self a storm speeder today and are repainting my army as i speak. same theme just a little better than 7 years ago!

used your army painter, they look like this

A little luna wolf like and another army i can't remeber but 7 years a ago that chapter did not exist so meh!


Think i called the titanium fists at the time, as "gene-seeder" of the imp fists but not sure any new name i spring with ile go with

say hi, or not :D will be darting around tactics and painting forums from here on in!!



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Welcome to the Bolter and Chainsword!

I'm the Normish, and I collect Space Marines form my DIY Chapter the Doom Guard, also from the Imperial Fist geneseed!

I look forward to cooperating with another son of Dorn. Maybe you should check out the Sons of Dorn thread: Call to Arms! and leave an introduction.

I'm sure you will have a great time here on the B&C.


Yours respectfully,

The Normish

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