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Hey there

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I am a new member to this forum, as you might of guessed with me posting here.


I have been playing for about 24 years which is a very long time, when you write it down. Termies dont have 3+ saves of 2d6 any more.


I had a wee break from gaming for a few years, and with moving around alot, my stuff was sold because of lack of space, So i have started collecting again.


I have just finished putting together a 2000pt Death Guard Army for playing in toury's. I also have a 6000pt Warriors of Chaos Army.


Myself and my brother are looking to expand into apocalypse, So i was going to design my own Chapter, so i was directed to this site as a great source of knowledge (which it has been). So i look forward to getting your comments good or back on my design.


One question, is there a template i can download to follow when setting out a chapter??


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Take it easy



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Hello Wee Hagis!


There are numerous starting points to help you with designing your own chapter-Theres a small guide at the back of the How to paint Space Marines book, and there's also a guide right here on B&C somewhere. I'm currently making my own chapter too, so we can compare notes. On a random note, from a new Death Guard player thanks for putting that image of the Mortarion model up in your gallery :D.


Keep rockin'.



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Hey bud,


Its ok, i hope to put some pic's of my Death Guard Army up as well, for comment!


I am not sure if i should just increase my Death Guard to a Apoc army or start a new chapter, or if i should use the Death Guard as the basis for a new nurgle chapter.


I have ready the guide for the Chapter building section it is really good.





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