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Fresh Meat

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First post.


I'm a newcomer to GW games. I dabbled in Mordheim several years back, but never got too far beyond the, "Hey, wut r all these bits fer?" stage of modelling the figures. My drug of choice for the last $BIGNUM years has been Steve Jackson's OGRE Miniatures.


Recently, inspired by some videos on YouTube (damn you, Les Bursley) I bought the 40k hardback. And started reading about the Blood Angels. And ended up spending just a revolting amount of dinero on power armored goodness over the last few weeks.


Be gentle wif me.

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Welcome to the B+C, weve got a very live crowd of Blood Angels around here of late.... any guesses why? :).


I hope you enjoy them, Im a Space Wolf player myself, so I can enjoy their visceral nature. In any case, dont be afraid to post up, and be sure to PM Morticon or JamesI if you need any help, theyre good guys.


And of course, dont forget to read the forum rules.


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