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Overdue Greeting

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Been a member for a few days now but I suppose I might as well actually post.


I'm pretty new to the fanbase; my relationship with the setting beyond casual knowledge is only a few months old at this point. I was introduced to it through a few friends who are avid players and readers in their own right, and I couldn't help but fall for the delightfully over-the-top sci-fi of it all. My participation in the franchise is currently limited to written works, and I can't see myself branching out into the game itself; I balk at the expenses involved, and honestly the talent on these boards have set the bar so high I don't think I'd ever be happy with what my artistic talent could accomplish.


In terms of our beloved Power Armor users, as heretical as it is I find myself drawn to Chaos. The Night Lords and Alpha Legion are my favorites, but I find things I like about all of them except the Emperor's Children and the Word Bearers. My current project is revising my opinion of the latter though, so I look forward to The First Heretic for a fresh look at them. In regards to the Corpse God's servants, I'm probably most fond of the Crimson Fists and the Salamanders. In general its all cool though; should you actually care enough about my opinions to address them, I'd love to talk about your perspective on Legions/Chapters I've spoken poorly of.


Running quite long, so I'll wrap up by saying that I hope I'll be able to contribute to the pretty cool discussion here. Thanks for having me!

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