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Hi all


Just thought I would introduce myself, I am a returning player after not having played 40k or the link for over 12 years. I am very slowly re learning the hobby so go easy lol. I am probably going to go with one of the Blood Angels chapters though more likely the Blood Angels themselves. I am not sure about painting skill but I'm sure with the help of the pros around here I will learn quickly ;D.


Anyway there's my hello

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Ello Captain, welcome to the B+C. Looks like your a fleshtearers fan? Or perhaps just liked the avatar. *shrugs*.


Sounds like you stopped playing right before 3rd came out, I know alot of vets who took a while to come back, but I assure you theyve learned from their mistakes this last decade in many ways, and the rules are getting better. Alot of 2nd ed stuff is back, but the rules are more streamlined than before.


Anyways, dont forget to read the rules, and enjoy yourself!



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