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hey, all

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hey, im new here starting a black templar army, from guard very much a culture shock haha! erm yeah joined here get some solid advice on purchasing tactics paint schemes and all that game so yeah gonna enjoy my stay here been having a nosy looks the dogs ... well... you know !
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Well heres one tip: NEVER buy a Rhino by itself. Its the exact same kit as a Razorback or a Whirlwind, and all you have to do is switch out the backplates that nicely sit on the model without being glued. If it comes in a set, like the rhino in a Battleforce for instance, than so much the better. But its always worth the extra 5 bucks to upgrade this one.


Welcome to the B+C. I hope you find everything your looking for. Speaking of looking, take a glance at the forum rules:

http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=22 if youd be so kind.


Any ideas on what chapter your interested in?

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