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Old blood, new hope

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Hey all,


I've been playing 40k in just about all of its various forms for 22 years give or take the odd little break. This, however, is the first time I have made a Space Marine force. Whilst looking for inspiration and details I came across the site and added it to my bookmarks immediately.


I'm going with the Blood Angels Codex just because I like the fluff and Jump Pack Assault units. I have just started the details for a successor chapter and am enjoying the possibilities that come with it.


Just so you all know I can be blunt/honest at times but I never, NEVER, mean anything personally so please don't take it as such. I also take as much as I give and enjoy good banter. If I ask for critique please be 100% honest, no matter how bad you think my ideas are!


Our Emperor who art on Terra,

Hallowed be thy bolter,

Thy Kingdom come,

Thine will be done

On Baal as it is on Valos.

Give us this day our daily ammo

And forgive us our trespasses

Though we forgive none who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation

And deliver us from Chaos

For thine is the Rhino, the chain sword and the Jump Pack

Forever and ever

Power armour.



Your friendly neighbourhood curmudgeon,



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Welcome to the B&C! This site gave me the inspiration too and still does! I'm looking forward to seeing your painted mini's. I notice you have no replies yet. Try cleavage and tanks. Seemed to have worked for another new member ;)
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