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Nero and the Nova guard cometh

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Nero chapter master of the Nova Guard, also known as Scott.


Recently discovered this site used its handy sm painter and name creator to make my custom chapter, The Nova Guard.So I thought where else to share my newly made chapter than the site that helped me form it.


I am 17, live in London and have been playing 40k for 4 (soon to be 5) years. In my time gaming I have had many armies including Black templars, Dark angels, Blood angels and Grey Knights mostly power Armour/Imperium army's.


Hope to post regular updates as I pad out the background and such for the Nova guard with some help from fellow memembers..so speak to you soon //_^


P.S So you know I have dyslexia so at times my grammar isn't exactly good, if I do mess up please let me know.



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Welcome Nero, master of the Nova Guard, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I personally cannot wait to see more of you around the B&C. It's always a pleasure to welcome more brethren into the fraternity that is the B&C.


It's also good to see that I'm not the only one to have an LD (albeit mine is fragments of multiples rather then just one complete), and I have to say, don't worry about it, besides when you're posting up fluff or an index on your chapter we're somewhat relaxed with grammar as long as you don't go into msn mode; so otherwise as long as you're semi-understandable it's all good.


May the Emperor guide you and your chapter, and may many victories come yor way. Ave Imperator.

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