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HooY' battle damage


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HooY’s battle damage



What we need:

- Piece of foam

- Old brush

- Black coat in spray


- Astronomican grey

- Tallarn flesh

- Brown ink(citadel)

- Brown ink(vallejo, used at the end)

- Thraka green

- Baal red

- Ogryn flesh

- Gryphonne sepia

- Camo green

- Devlan mud

- Badab black

- Scorched brown

- Bestial brown

- Dark flesh



Step 1.

Firstly I basecoated piece. I used spray Montana(for writers – graffiti spray) 2g colors. It gives facture. It doesn’t matter what you use for basecoat. I just tested my new spray.




Step 2.

I painted piece with base color – 2:1 mix of Astronomican Grey and Tallarn Flesh (no. 1)




Step 3.

From this step is needed old brush(see photo) to get final effect. I was painting form up to down(it’s important) in this and next steps. I used paints in order:(Remember to water down paint):

Brown ink : thraka green 2:1(no. 2), brown ink : thraka green 1:1(no. 3), thraka green(no. 4), thraka green not watered down(no. 5), baal red(no. 6), baal red not watered down(no. 7), ogryn flesh(no. 8), gryphonne sepia(no. 9), brown ink heavily watered down(no. 10).





Step 4.

I painted piece again with base color(heavier watered down), but leaving upper coat of paint(no. 11). Direction of lines is important!





Step 5.

I put layer of camo green leaving more pigment on down (no. 12). Direction of lines is important!




Step 6.


Again I used washes/inks like in step number 3, but heavier watered down. Now watered down I shaded armor with Devlan Mud (no.13, then with Badab Black (no. 14). Direction of lines is important!




Step 7.

I took piece of foam, then watered down Scorched Brown and dipped foam in Scorched Brown(no. 15). Then gently pressed on armor





Step 8.

I highlited rust with Bestial Brown leaving some Scorched Brown on edges

(no. 16).




Step 9.

Final highlight with Dark Flesh leaving some Bestial brown(no. 17).




Step 10.

(Optional) Bottom edges of rust I highlighted with Camo Green using 00 brush(experience is needed here)(no. 18). At the end I shaded whole armor with watered down Brown Ink(vallejo) (no. 19). Unfortunately this step is almost invisible on photos ;/ .




Final effect:




I hope you like it. Sorry for my english. EMA!


Special thanks for Eiko2!

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