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Brother Rahsed, reporting for duty.


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Hello there members of The Bolter and Chainsword!


I'm Rahsed - 20 years old male, residing in Poland. My passion for Warhammer 40.000 began around the release of Chaos Gate - and boy, was I surprised to find out that there are plastic miniatures of those cool, armored, futurstic guys. I got into the miniatures good few years later, because as a 9 year old boy I wouldn't get far with painting, that's for sure. I started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle because I couldn't decide between the two systems, but in the end I ended up playing both - and in 40k my army of choice were, of course, Space Marines. Space Wolves to be exact, later switched to a DIY Chapter which resembled Dark Angels in terms of armor colours. Sometime passed and I dropped the hobby in favour of Card Games for a few years, but my interest in the setting never faded so I still looked up info, and got around to play Dawn of War for example.


And now... here I am, ready to return to the world of dark future and I'm preparing to return to the frontlines. At the moment I'm sitting with a Black Reach box and I'm thinking about what army to choose. I'm torn between Imperial Fists, Blood Angels and Word Bearers, but hopefully I'll soon resolve that dilemma.


Also, please forgive any mistakes I make - although I love English and I'm studying it, there's a lot of room for improvement.

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Welcome fellow son of Dorn!

I'm sure your stay here at the Bolter and Chaisnword will be an enjoyable one. Your story is rather similar to mine, except that it was Dawn of War.

Well, it seems you've chosen Imperial Fists, so I'm sure you've seen a few nthreads on them already.

Again, welcome!


The Normish

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