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Hi all,


Just a quick hello to all. I don't know how it has taken me this long to find such a comprehensive 40K gaming & (for me) modelling and crafting board.


A little about me, i'm 29 years old and been hooked since i first picked up my edition of Space Hulk back in 1990 when i thought a good paint job was dry brushing silver of blood angels Orange! I certainly hope i've improved since then. I took a fairly hefty break from the game, and came back about 6 months ago (maybe 10-12 months after 5th ed. was released) and have discovered i'm probabley enjoying the painting and the crafting as much as i am throwing dice furiously at each other.


I do have a few pics of compelted work that i'll throw up in the appropriate section for people to throw sticks at - they are just rough photo's of my finished models on the WIP table, and i'm sure i'll have a lot of questions to ask people. :(


Thanks a lot,


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