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Space Wolves sub-forum painting challenge - December 1, 2010


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1. Dead-line for submitting Your vows - October 31, 2010.

2. Dead-line to complete Your vows - December 1, 2010.

3. You have to post pictures of Your completed vow or provide a working link to Your blog etc.

4. I will continue to manage this, but I might be a bit slow sometimes - if You don't see Yourselves on the list, wait a bit, if You are still not there, PM me. PM me if there is any other problem - like You wanted to paint TWC, but they came in all smashed or local store is down on Space Wolves Gray paint and next re-stock is after Christmas. This concerns those ordering from FW too - be advised that Christmas is coming with all related postal issues. We'll think what to do - maybe replace Your vows or take You off. Please note - no amendments after November 15, 2010 - You have one month to arrange Your models.

5. Please try to submit detailed vows. By this I mean try to identify types and/or No of models You are going to paint. E.g. - 5 wolf-guard in TDA with claws, power weapons and combi-bolters is very OK, a unit of Thunderwolves is OK (as long as You paint at least 3 of them). Load-out is not necessary to post, but something along - 100 points of SW is not OK. Please try to keep the models as close to Codex:SW as possible - You can still do "count-as SW" though.

6. There might be another banner/token for this, but I cannot 100% promise You that. I'll have to ask around for them.


g-unit 2 packs of Grey Hunters, Rune Priest Vow completed!

Rune_Priest_Rhapsody 5 Wolf Guard in TDA and 5 Fenrisian wolves, Lugft Huron

Bulweih 1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader on foot, 1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf, 3 Twin Wolf Claw Terminators, 3 TDA with Storm Bolters and Power Swords, 1 TDA with Heavy Flamer, 2 TDA's with Assault Cannons. 2 Long Fangs with ML, PA Wolf Guard with a Thunderhammer+ 3 with Axes and Boltpistols + 1 unknown item Vow completed!

delvermedic 10 Grey Hunters, Forge World Venerable Dreadnaught, 5 Wolf Guard close combat terminators

Leokaiser 6 Long Fangs, 10 Grey Hunters

Bloodmange Land Raider with all it's variant Sponsons and Cupolas Vow completed!

Darthdoot Two Grey Hunter packs

wolf363839 6 Grey Hunters to complete the pack riding in the Redeemer, Arjac Rockfist to lead the Redeemer pack of Grey Hunters, 6 Long Fangs with five Missile Launchers

Requiem of the Wolf Two packs of Grey Hunters, Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf

Mat_Arcand Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/ TWM

Barn 1 Lone wolf in power armour, 10 Grey Hunters, 6 Long Fangs.

S. Bloodhowl To finish the bases on army, Lone Wolf

Kreon 11 Grey Hunters, assemble and paint Blood Claws, Njal Stormcaller and Lukas.

earthpig23 converting and painting AoBR Space Marines to Space Wolves (4 termies, 2 leaders, 4 Grey Hunters) Vow completed!

Lord Andreas Fenrisian wolves, Harald Deathwolf, Grey Hunter pack, Long Fang pack, five mark of the wulfen marines.

Schertenleib 2 Rhinos and a Vindicator Vow completed!

Taeken full pack of grey hunters and a full pack of Long Fangs

Eikrem Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer with magnetised weapons, 2 scouts (MG and PG), 1 Wolf Guard on a bike, 1 attack bike and 5 normal swift claws. Vow completed!

Wolf Lord Karulfr Dreadnought missile launcher and lascannons, Long Fang, Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer. Optional - 5 Grey Hunters. Vow completed!

uberwolve WGBL, Venerable dreadnought, 5 Skyclaws, 2 Wolf Guard Terminators. Vow completed!

TeamLando Nonmetal-metal Wolf Guard model

Godhead two packs of swiftclaw bikers and their accompanying wolfguard pack leader. It will be 10 models in all, 2 wgpl, 2 attack bikes and 6 bikers.

Müller 10 Blood Claws and a Rune Priest The first wolf to complete his vow! As a penalty for finishing first, will paint another Land Speeder :)

Arraken Five Grey Hunters and their Rhino transport. Vow completed!

Berek Grimblood One Grey Hunter

Galdegir Lone wolf in power armor with fenrisian wolf, Dreadnought with two twinlinked autocannons.

Beef Five TWC

Doomthunder Lone Wolf TDA w/ twin WC, , 5 Grey Hunters, WGBL, pa, Frost Axe+chainsword Vow completed!

Gerwulf Njal, Lord of Tempests in TDA, 4 Wolf Guard terminators. Vow completed!

WG Vrox Arjac, 1 Standard WG in TDA, 1 Razorback Vow completed!

Evilbob Dreadnought with Multi-Melta and Land Raider Crusader

CainTheHunter Dreadnought with TLLC+ML, PA Lone wolf with Fenrisian Wolf, CF/SS Lone Wolf with Fenrisian Wolf, 2 WG TDA CML+SB+PW, 2 WG TDA CM+PW Vow completed!

Ladislao 5 WG TDA Vow completed!

Bjorn Ravenfeeder Swiftclaw pack - 3 Swiftclaw bikers, 1 Attack bike, 1 Wolf Priest on bike, 1 Wolf Guard on bike

wulfric_1066 Grey Hunter pack (powerfist, 2x melta, standard, mark of the wulfen, 5x bolter / pistol and chainsword). Optional Rhino. Vow completed!

Momento Mori WG TDA SB + CF Vow completed!

Wolf Guard Nostromo 3 WG TDA, 4 Grey Hunters (standard and mark), Wolf Lord in Runic Armor Vow completed!

Dewi Sant Vindicator Vow completed!

Firenze 5 Grey Slayers, 5 Wulfen, Wolf Priest, Rune Priest, 6 Storm Claws, 2 Wolf Guard pack leaders, Iron Priest, Wolf Lord stand in with 4 fenrisian wolves

Prot 10 Grey Hunters, 2 Rhino APC

TredHed Wolf Lord in TDA, Rune Priest in TDA and 9 WG TDA.

arcticcanadian 10 Grey Hunters, and 5 Wolf Scouts

ShotgunFacelift 3 X MOW, 3 x Wolf Guard, 1 x Flamer Grey Hunter, 5 Wolf Scouts Vow completed!

Skalver 2 packs of 10 Grey Hunters, 1 pack of 5 Wolf Guard Terminators, 3 Blood Claw Bikes, 1 Drop Pod, 1 Rhino, 1 Land Raider, 1 Iron Priest, Ragnar Blackmane, Njal Stormcaller, Ulrik the Slayer



Max_Dammit – 5 Thunderwolves Vow completed!

Eikrem - 2 WG in PA, 1 LF squad (6 men), 1 WGBL, 1 WG in TDA with CML Vow completed!

Schertenleib - 10 Skyclaws and JP Wolf Priest Vow completed!

Bulweih - Logan, Njal, Sternhammer, Drop Pod Vow completed!

S. Bloodhowl - 20 Blood Claws, 10 Grey Hunters, 5 TDA Wolf Guard, 1 TDA Wolf Lord, 1 Rune Priest. 1 Dreadnought, 1 Drop Pod, 5 Wolf Scouts Vow completed!

MaveriK - Njal Stormcaller, Lukas the Trickster, Wolf Guard in MK3 Iron Armour, cool Fenrisian objective marker. Vow completed!

Rune_Priest_Rhapsody – Wolf Priest, 5 Grey Hunters, WG or LW in TDA Vow completed!

Matt D – 1 dreadnought, 1 Land Speeder, 3 Wolf Guards, 1 Mark of the Wulfen Grey Hunter model Vow completed!

sniperheavens - 2 Long Fang packs with ML, 1 Lone Wolf, 1 Wolf Guard in TDA with CML. Vow completed!

CainTheHunter – Logan Grimnar, Njal Stormcaller Vow completed!

LPetersson - 2 Squads of 5 Wolf Guard Terminators, Logan and a Drop Pod Vow completed!

Tsuro - Wolf Priest Vow completed!

Beef – 5 Thunderwolves and 10 Blood Claws. Vow completed!

Einholt - Rune priest, Wolf Scouts with Wolf Guard pack leader, 2 packs of Grey Hunters with Wolf guard pack leaders, 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 5 Long Fangs with missile launchers.

Requiem of the Wolf - conversion and painting of Dreadnought, 10 Grey Hunters and 6 Long Fangs.

whiteridder - 50 Wolf Guard terminators, 5 Drop pods, 3 Rhinos, 1 Long Fang pack, 1 Razorback, 5 packs of Grey Hunters, 2 Vindicators, 2 Land Raider Crusaders.

Grey Mage - Bjorn the Fell-handed with optional PC arm, 10 Grey Hunters 2xMG and PW + Drop Pod.

Natanael - 8 Thunderwolves, 15 Blood Claws, 4 Rhinos.

Lord Ragnarok - 8 man pack of Grey Hunter with Wolf Guard

Skirax - 10 Wolf Guards, 20 Grey hunters, 15 Blood Claws, Land Raider Crusader

Brother Mjollner two Thunderwolf Cavalry models. Optional - third TWC.

Dewi Sant - 1 pack of Grey Hunters with Wolf Guard pack leader.

Kenmichi - 1 Grey Hunter pack and Ulrik scratch-built conversion.

Brother Ramses - three Rhinos, Razorback

Captain Trivia – a pack of Blood Claws

Vash113 - 10 Grey Hunters, 2 Rhinos, Land Raider Crusader, Dreadnought Drop Pod

Deadline – August 1, 2010

CainTheHunter – 5 Skyclaws, 4 Wolf scouts Vow completed!

Mar Bloodaxe - 5 Thunderwolves

Matt D – 350 points expansion of his combat patrol force Vow completed!

sniperheavens – 5 Grey Hunters (DIY chapter) Vow completed!

stinkenheim – Predator, Vindicator, Rune Priest, WGBL conversion

deadlift58 – at least 5 Grey Hunters

Taeken – 10 Grey Hunters and a pack of Skyclaws

Rune_Priest_Rhapsody – 7 Grey Hunters Vow completed!

Beef – finish Grey Hunters pack. Optional – 5 Thunderwolves and 10 Blood Claws. Primary vow completed! Now working on optional.

Bulweih - a pack of Grey Hunters Vow completed!

Andywont - a pack of Grey Hunters b]Vow completed![/b] Pics needed!

Evil Hypnotist - some kind of dedicated transport Vow completed!

Kjarl Bluetooth - three Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard Pack leader, one Wolf Scout and Wolf Guard Pack leader, Rune Priest and Rhino

Fenric -Terminator Wolf Lord, 2 Grey Hunters, Rhino.

Brother Mjollner - Thunderwolf Lord Vow completed! Pics needed!

Post Your pictures/links here.


The token for August 1, 2010, made by our well-respected mod Max_Dammit


The banner for September 1, 2010, challenge, made by our B&C fellow member Kanazuchi specially for this occasion


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Ill try and paint my 5 thunderwolves


*1st update 20- July


first mount almost done, 4 other wolves have there pelts painted to 80% ready




*2nd update 24 July




*3th update 27 July



4th update 29 July


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I used to run oaths in the Black Templars forum. Everyone who signed on by a certain date, AND completed their oath got a shiny forum signature like these:



I found it motivated a LOT of people in a good way to just have a simple process like this in place. Maybe the Wolves mods would be up for such a task? /wink/nudge :HQ:

It's a bit of work to keep track and make note of accomplished oaths. But it does have really nice results.

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I could do the banners if people want (well make the pictures at any rate...).


But I'm up for this. will give me something to do over the summer holidays.


I vow to finish my pred and vindicator.

I also vow to finish my Rune Priest... and finish the convertng on my WGBL.

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I also vow to complete the remaining seven Grey Hunters that I have yet to move beyond a primed state. I have been in a bit of a painting rut as of late as well, I even bought myself some new paints and freshened up ones that where needing it, but nothing has come from that either...


Banner or not, I am still needing to know that my brothers are striving for this, so that I may do so myself!!





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So will there be a set time period for this painting challenge?


Like September 1st for instance?


I swear to the conversion and painting of my son's Dreadnaught,and for myself a Full 10 man Squad of Grey Hunters and a 6 man Long Fang pack to be painted by September 1st.


I also plan to have painted the models I used for my local game stores month long campaign by the time it ends.

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Given some larger vows submitted, what do You think guys - should we postpone the deadline to September 1, 2010, or keep it as it is now (August 1, 2010)?


As I see it now, we have some small manageable vows for August 1, 2010.


Also, some brothers have signed for later deadline - I'm talking about Einholt with 1000 points for September 1, 2010, Novascotius with 1500 points by October 31, 2010, and Requiem of the Wolf with GH and LF by September 1, 2010. Would You prefer to submit a smaller vow or we can keep You on track here in the same topic, but You will get Your sigs/tokens when You complete Your larger vow - that is after everybody else.


So what do You all think?

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Already started my grey hunters so this will be an excuse to finish them, I will also try and get 10 BC painted and 5 thunder wolves. (I say Try)
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