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40k Doubles 2011 battle report

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"Fenris breeds Hero's like a bar breeds drunks - Loud, proud & spoiling for a fight"

Grand Master Belial of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter


Hi everone


Just slow recover from my trip from Nottingham during the weekend there. Haven pretty much been up for 24 hour yesterday & only five hour worth of sleep right now (thanks to family memeber phone that keep ring the house, there phone in there bag :) )


Anyway I though like my UKGT/Throne of Skulls & other local tournament, I get a report done as I really do enjoy my tournament. For me it about battle new armies that you might rarely see, met new people & with it being Nottingham you get to met up with a lot of famous people in the Games Workshop world :HQ: Just I am really sick & tired of people who moan about tournament yet they never go, they miss out on a lot. As said many time I have only had two terrible games in a tournament in the nine year I been attending since Conflict Scotland 2002.

I highly recommend people try a tournament, well worth it, see some brillaint armies which is great.


But onto the double. I was ask a few month back by my friend Scott if I wanted to attend the double. Scott was hear the story me & my friends had in our local GW in regard to the UKGT & the new Throne of Skulls, how we like going to Nottingham & the banter in the car on the way down & back up. But sadily when booking his holidays the Throne of Skulls date for 2011 where not announce, the only event for Nottingham announce that the time was 40k double.

I'm not usely a fan of small point games, but that usely if it a one on one game I never play below 1500pts. But for double somthing about double tournament that dose give you that little break & I think it just the banter between yourself & your friend/team mate, so I am alway happy to do a double tournament like. As I been attending Conflict Scotland, which in 2007 went to a double format & I usely got for a bit of a laught.


Now first off all, sadily I have forgotten everone names. However as said I'll get the report done, if you happen to have played me, place get in contact & I'll get your name put into the report on the round we fought. Really sorry about this. Can ether get me by my Buiness web site on commission or join the fourm & post here :D I should have got name writen down :(


Usely when doing a report I do not do a turn by turn account, bad enough I forgotten names, think what it be like trying to rememeber the turn. Also as said above having 5 hour sleep, before that being awake for 24 hours, dose not really help :D :D But I do make up with a lot of photos


So army list


My 750pts (thank Russ I use most of my Tournament 1500pts list, only the Battle Leader was made for this event)



Rune Priest Dilios Gunnar

Rune Priest, Runic Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Chooser of Slain

Psychic power: Living Lighting, Jaws of the World Wolf


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Boromir Wulfric

Wolf Guard, Frag & Krak, Combi Melta, Wolf Tooth, Frost Axe, Melta Bomb (I never use this all weekend :) )



Dreadnought Rothgar the Skald

Dreadnought, Dreadnought close combat weapon w/Storm Bolter, Smoke Launcher, Searchlight, Twin Linked Lascannon, Extra Armour, Wolf-tooth necklace



Grey Hunter Unit Ranek

8 Grey Hunter, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, close combat weapon, Frag & krak Grenades, Power Weapon, Melta Gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard

Rhino, Smoke Launcher, Searchlight, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, Dozer Blade


Fast Attack

Land Speeder unit Storm Wolves

2 Land Speeder, 2 Multi Melta, 2 Heavy Flamer


Total - 750pts


Dark Angels army list


Librarian Abdeziel Magron

Librarian, Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Hood, Frag/Krak

Force Barrier, Hellfire



Tactical Squad Naaman

4 Space Marines, Melta

Vet Sarg, Power Fist, Melta Bomb

Razorback, Armour, Twin Lascannon


Tactical Squad Asmodai

9 Space Marines, Melta

Vet Sarg, Power Fist, Melta Bomb

Rhino, Armour


Heavy Support

Vindicator Caliban Vengeances

Vindacator, Armour, Dozer Blade


Total - 750pts


So onto the report & overall look to the weekend. Filled with epic Sagas for my Space Wolves & even getting a award, I might even be on the GW web site :D


Road Trip

So with us living in Scotland & this being my team mate first drive down. He chosen to pick me up that 7am, though we did get lost that one point in a very very dodgy town filled with Neds (Chavs for the English) we did make it out & got into Warhammer World for 3pm. Got some food, got a practise game, more food & then to the hotel.


Fri gaming


Jaws of the World Wolf

Mission - d3+2 Objects

Set up - Pitch Battle



Me & my team mate though with us going down to Nottingham, that we would try to fit in some games between our selfs. Trying out our 1500pts army list for the Throne of Skulls in April time.

So my team mate would be try out his Dark Eldar & me with my Space Wolves I use in Throne of Skulls Nov time as I not really made any changies to the list as I like how it play, it just a few models I am replace.


Overall was a really good game. The Dark Eldar are very in your face, more so the list my team mate taken. I think on turn 3?? that round of combat which saw most of my own force battle out with Dark Eldar won me the game. As I slaughter ever unit or that least made them flee under 50%.

It was very blood & by the end of the day I belive all the Dark Eldar had been slaughter, but a lot was learnt from it from both side.






































So after our praactise game for ToS April, went into bugman bar to get dinner & then headed back, getting ready for the following day for the 40k doubles. Also 40k double be the first time we pretty much try our army list. Like Conflict Scotland, tend to play our double list on the day it self.



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Round 1 - Heretic in the ranks!!!!

Armies - Space Wolves & Space Marine (Soul Drinker)

Army list - Wolf Priest, Blood Claws, Land Raider Redeemer, Lone Wolf, 10 Grey Hunter in Rhino, Crimson Fist specil ch (like I said rememeber names :) ), Scout with Sniper Rifles, Sternguard in Razorback, 10 man Tactical squad, Predator

Mission - One object each, pitch battle



Start of day one & it would see two Space Wolves armies with heretic allies :HQ: battle it out with each other. Sadily both Space Wolves armies being lie to about why they'd be battle each other.


As to the game, I felt sorry for my team mate as he went to assault both of his Tactical squads only to roll a double 1. However his 5 man squad along with Librarian, it seem the Loin favour them. By this I mean, though he failed his chage. The Grey Hunter unit assaulted, only killed one or two models?? While the Dark Angels slaughter them down to a mere three models, which saw the Grey Hunter flee only to get flame by the Hellfire abilty from the Librarian.


Really enjoy this game & our oppent where great people. Sadily time was running out & we both mange to fit in our turn 5 with in 15 mins of the remain time we had left. Would have been good to see how the game went on, I think we could have turn the loss into a draw as our oppent had a Rhino contest the object vs our Razorback & three Dark Angels, though that the same time they did have a Lone Wolf near by, but then the Librarian & my Dreadnought might have been able to take him on?? Who know, ether way as said it was a brillaint game & a really great start to the weekend ahead :D




























Our armies set up, which would later go on to be part of the Best army Nominee, well for me once more for my Space Wolves :) I got best army nominee for my Space Wolves during ToS Nov & was very happy with this, but will get a post on this after the tournament reports :D



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Time to get the rest of my report done.


After round one, it was time to get launch & let the Ref/event team time to look that our armies & pick what they though was there favrout for best army nominee. Got to say the Lunch was brillaint, really enjoy it. Just in 2006 the food was terrible & beyound fit for us to eat, 2008/2009 barely anything I could eat unless I wanted to get really unwell, distpit Andy Joyce tell me to send a letter with stuff I could/could not eat only for it to get complete ignore.


But the new Event team as of last mid year are brillaint & I did not have one single issue that all. Was really happy during the weekend with the food, in fact I had a bit of a hard time because there was so much that was really good.


Round 2 - Believe it or not - he's the good guy (The choser of slain was on a Dreadnought power fist that look like Hell Boy fist, was really cool :) )

Army - Space Wolves & Space Marines

Army list - Techmarine or Master of the Forge, 2x Dreadnought with Launcher & Autocannon, Scout with Sniper Rifles, Speeder with Heavy Flamer & Multi Melta, Rune Priest, 2x Grey Hunter in Rhinos, 2x Long Fangs units, Scout Bikes.

Mission - Spearhead, Kill points


After being fed, it was time to pack up our armies. Round 2 would see us again the armies of the Space Marines & the Space Wolves. Yet again it was another brillaint game but sadily we did not get enough kill point to win the game.


My Dreadnought & Rune Priest would keep shooting that the Dreadnoughts only to get a Weapon destroyed or immobile?? But the Techpriest/Master of the Forge would bring those guns back.

While my team mate Dark Angels where getting slaughter to bits from the Long Fangs unit & the might of the Rune Priest Living Lighting abilty. My own Rune Priest did not do so well eather, failed his Ld when cast Living Lighting & getting a double 6, while he was already on one wound!!!!!!
























So with the game over, it was once more time to pack up, get a quick break & then onto round 3 & the end of day one.

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Round 3 - Decent of Angles

Army - Crimson Fist & Blood Angels

Army list - Librarian, Honour Guard, Assault Marines w/Jump Pack, Assault Marines w/Razorback, Crimson Fist specil ch, Stern Guard, Scout, Predator w/Autocannon

Mission d3+2 Object, Dawn of War


For the start of the game me & my team mate set up first. We chose to keep everthing off until our turn 1 started. Just in the event the oppents stole first turn, in which case it would allow us to counter them. While our oppent set up the Scouts into a bunker terrain hold a object.


Though out the game my unit of Speeder went right up useing is Heavy Flamer vs the Scout, later lossing one of my Speeder, while the remain one went & blow up the Predator. Near the end of the game, the lone Speeder try all that it could to contest a object which would make or break the game eg: win or a draw ^_^


While else where my team mate Dark Angels 10 man tactical squad was doing a brillaint job hold up the bunker our oppent Scout unit was orignaly in. Taken on the combi strength of Crimson Fist Chapter Master along with the Sternguard & the Librarian with his Honour Guards. Though the Vindcators help a little before it loss it main weapon.


By the last turn, we had one object while another was contest with my Grey Hunter due to a failed Difficult terrain roll to assault. While the one my Speeder was near along with the Rhino where destroyed. So one object each & one contested.








Deep Strike Assault marines











Move though terrain :lol:








My Rune Priest above to rep a tally of death upon the Heretic Marines :angry:
















So with round 3 finish, that was day one over. It was time to pack up, get some dinner which was some great hotdogs or burger, etc.... Then me & my team mate stay for the Bugman bar quiz which saw two people, one of which I knew from the Throne of Skulls in Nov along with his team mate.


Bugman bar quiz are brillaint, really good banter with everone. Everone has a laught & more so with the question being 40k related, so we should know somthing. It was wired, all our score where rougly 9 mark, people mark our sheet wrote how Tzeentch favour us!!!!


Then it was time to go back to the hotel & have everthing sorted. Just me & my team mate would be leaveing after day two after the awards & result.



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After spending Sat night in Bugman bar. Woke up on Sun, got all our gear & headed off to Warhammer World for the second day of the 40k double tournament.


Round 4 - Into the Jaws of Wolf

Army - Orks & Dark Eldar

Army list - Hemoc... HQ give feel no pain, Incubi w/Raider, Wych in Raider, Warriors in Raider, Ravenger, Ork Warboss, Lootas, Ork Boyz, Battle Wagon

Kill points, dawn of war set up



It was time to get ready for Round 4 & the start of day two of the 40k double tournament. Me & my team mate found out we would be battle Dark Eldar & Ork allies after battle Marines for the three round on day one ;)


Again like round 3, with this being dawn of war. Me & my team mate kept out stuff off the table until turn 1, just so those Dark Lance could not do to much damnge. Also when talking about our game plan our first aim was to take out those Raider & there Dark Lance, then move down the list to Ravenger, etc... Like wise we try to avoid the Lootas who where set far to our left flank, just did not want those S7 d3 shot taken out our transprot to earily, so try put them out of range as possible.


While the game rage on. Our oppents where aim to assault there unit of orks boyz onto my Rhino mounted unit of Grey Hunter. I belive they destroyed it, so on the following turn I made sure my Rune priest had good sight to try & take out the Ork Warboss & the Unit leader both being arm with Power Claws & behold Russ & the all father watch over my Rune priest. As both orks rolled a 6's!!!!! After that my Wolves assaulted in & before I could even do my Mark of Wulfen Attack, all the orks where slaughter.


In the end the oppent had the Lootas left, as said we try to avoid them as much as possible as it was ether go & get them but we'd have the rest of the army close in on us & like wise they where a fair way away so would mean around three turn of S7 fire which I did not want to face. Though it was best we aim our main assault into the bulk of the Ork & Dark Eldar army.


But in the end we had won on 12 kill points vs 4 Kill point. Was suprise how well one of my Speeder had done. It was immobile a few turn after the other one was destroyed, then it loss it Heavy Flamer, sat there taken ever shot know to man & only got shaken?? Me & my team mate also score 1350 vpts. We just loss a squad of Dark Angels, 2x Rhinos & a Vindacator?














My Dreadnought fire that a raider with a Twin Linked Lascannon & the Storm Bolter. They all hit & then my Lascannon pen & my two Storm Trooper glance!!






With a epic shot like this, the dice gods tend to be crule in fate & our oppent rolled & made all three saves










After Jaws of the Wolf




The Battle Wagon had a Ord weapon, so spread out as much as possible






With Living Lighting, there no where to run or hide ;)












So with round 4 finish. It was time for me to get my own & my team mate army read as we where both part of the top 10 for best army nominee which where vote for during the launch time. Also I bump into my friend Matt who I know from Glasgow who is now a memeber of the eavy metal team, so great to catch up.

Yet again food was brillaint, I had turky, was so much great food on the day it was hard to chose, but I only get turky during Chrismtas time.

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Once I got my army from the display case which was show of all the armies for best army nominee. It was time to get ready for round 5


Round 5 - No retreat, no surrender. That is Space Wolves law.

Army: Space Wolf & Space Wolf

Army list - Rune priest, Logan, Long Fangs, Long Fangs with logan in Pod, two Grey hunter unit in Razorback & one Grey Hunter unit in Drop Pod, Dreadnought in Pod

d3+2 object, Pitch battle



Another brillaint game against fellow Space Wolves players.


Me & my team mate set up first but our Wolves oppent stole first turn :) This saw the Dreadnought Drop pod come down & the Logan Pod with Long Fangs & a Rune Priest. The Dreadnought immobile the Dark Angels right away, while my own Rhino only suffer shaken, I belive our Vindcators was taken out right away as well with the split fire.


On our turn the combi stregnth of my Rhino mounted Wolves unit of Grey hunter led by Wolf Guard Battle leader led a assault onto Logan, with the support of the Dark Angels Librarian. Sadily out assault did not hit home, we mange to take out the Long Fangs with easy, but having recently collect a Wolf Wing force, I know how brillaint Logan can be. He a one man army having seen my own Logan in friendly games rip apart 30 Marines with little to no effect back.

So after Combat was done, the Dark Angels ran off the table!!! While my Wolf Guard battle leader all by himself also ran but lucky for me, my Wolf Guard only ran a little bit. This ment I was ok in term of "no fear" rule that all Space Marines have.

On that follow turn the Wolf Guard jump into the Rhino which already had my Rune priest in there.


If that was not enough, Logan & his Rune priest went to take on the 10 man Tactical squad of Dark Angels. Three of the Angels where killed by Jaws of the World Wolf!!!! Then assaulted by both Logan & Rune Priest which saw them slaughter to a man. However my might Dreadnought came through the walls & finish off Logan with the Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon.












My Wolf Guard Battle leader shouting to the Dark Angels to stand there ground & get back into combat!!!!




My Dreadnought protect my Wolf Guard Battle leader






I'd ask the event team if I could have the slip that told us where to place our armies for best army nominee, just think it cool along with the award we get




Cypher make a guest show, he our object marker




Also the legion




Dreadnought going for Logan






Jaws of the World wolf, seem like eye for a eye since we done this last round of the tournament ;)
















The games ended with our Space Wolves oppent having one of the three object. While my Speeder contested one object & My team mate Rhino & my Dreadnought contested the one in the object. Was bad the Dark Angels 5 man squad ran off the table!!!! I think we made a mistake where the Dark Angels charge in first, cause there to be no space for my Wolf Guard Battle leader to get into base to base contact so he could use his I5 Frost blade attack.


With round 5 ended, it was time to get ready for the last & finial round for the 40k doubles & the weekend.

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The finial round of the weekend & what a event it been, ever game has been brillaint, really enjoy each game & would happily battle any of my oppent ether in doubles or one vs one. So if oppent are up for a re-match I am in GW Falkirk, Stirling wargaming club or that Throne of Skulls April, July & Oct or ELG Counter Attack or Stirling wargaming club Rapid Fire.


So the finial game


Round 6 - Claws of fury or Shrike epic fail ;)

Army - Space Marines & Raven Guard

Army list - Shrike, Chapter Mater, three units of Scouts?? Possible another one but there sure was a lucky Scout with Heavy Bolter :lol: , Assault Terminators, Techmarine with cannon, Devastators

Mission - One object each, Spearhead



Me & my team mate would be battle two GW staffer Daviy who is a regianl manger & Matt Anderson. As said above there all games where brillaint & nothing more great than having a epic last game to finish the event on.


From the game I rememeber my Dreadnought take out the Techmarine cannon with a epic shot.


A Scout unit, my speeder went to flamer them & only one was alive being a Scout with Heavy Bolter, he was the bane of my Speeder!!!!! He even surive the match against all odds as well :devil:


Shrike epic fail his combat. To hit it was 2's & 1's. However once he got into combat with my Dreadnought, ever attack seem to get in & saw my Dreadnought being killed!!!!


My own Dreadnought could not move through terrain, 2 inch was the most it move. It like Bjorn when I use to have him in my 1500pts tournament force. One area terrain would see Bjorn get from one side to another until I drop him. Seem that curse has been pass onto my normal Dreadnoughts.


In the end the Space Marines won having just destroyed my last Land Speeder contesting there object. While our object had no one there after being slaughter by Shrike & his Terminators bodyguards














The Scout who will alway been a bane of my Speeder!!!!! :cuss














Scout trying to take another shot that my Speeder :D




With the Grey hunter slaughter by heavy gun fire. It was my Rune priest & Wolf Guard Battle leader, I knew if they stay they'd be killed by Launcher, so the only way, a true Space Wolf way..... is to go head long into the jaws of the oppent army, get into assault & make a all epic saga worth of a true Space Wolf that will be know for all time!!!






Shike Claws finial power up after epic fail & slaughter my Dreadnought, I keep forgetting he has rending as well :lol:




As I said above I had a brillaint weekend & thanks to all oppent for make it great. As said would happily like a re-match :D Like I said I go to tournament to battle armies I rarely battle, to met new people, etc... see some brillaint armies. I think it really poo how some people can be up tigh toward tournament & tournament gaming, as said above I only had two games I'd refuse out of the nine year I been attend tournaments.


I like tournaments, I would highly suggest to people to give them a try. It keep the hobby alive & also help those who struggle with painting get into the habit with deadlines, etc....


Next post, Best army nominee :D



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Best army nomiee


My Space Wolves where part of the best army nominee for the Throne of Skulls in Nov & I was happy during the 40k double to see that me & my team mate would be part of the top armies nominee as well.


For me, it has alway been my goal to be part of the top x amount for best armies. Just I really like converting & painting, I really want my armies to stand out & be notice for the hard work that is put into them.

It why I get annoyed from time to time when a random or tourist pick up my models with out asking me for permission only to break the model.


Just for me, conversting models has alway been my main strength since I started the hobby 14+ year ago. While painting, it thanks to my local GW Falkirk & my time in GW Edinbrugh that my painting has improve. When you find out your nominee, it just cool to know all that hard work pulled off.


As said in my Throne of Skulls report. For me & another reason I like going to tournament & also why I join the fourms, it to see really cool armies, given you idea. Though you may not collect that army, that least a idea could be try out to fit in with the army you are collcting.

End of the day this is a table top wargame filled with really cool models.


I don't want to see people moan & being anti GW!!!!


As said I like going to tournament to play new people & have a laught, but best army is alway a goal I like to aim for. I may not win it over all as there some many other cool armies out there. But just to be notice it really cool. Like wise for me & past GT I ask for feedback so it good to get the feedback to improve & up your skills.


So far since collect my Space Wolves, they have done really well with

ELG Counter Attack - Player Chose

Stirling Wargaming Rapid Fire - 2nd Player Chose

Throne of Skulls Nov - Top 10 best army nominee

40k Doubles - Top 10 Best army nominee.


So as said for me just to be part of it, to be notice is the main thing for me :devil: As in the past I alway ask for feedback so I could work & improve. Like game you learn to improve to up the challenge as well :cuss




Also Nick rememeber to give me the slip of paper with me & my team mate ticket No












Army in display cabint
























So again me & my team mate where really happy to get best army nomiee. As said for me it just good to get my work notice & the hard work put into it.


So next events for the Space Wolves will be

Throne of Skulls in April

Throne of Skulls in July


Might be one or two other events. Then see after that. I really enjoy useing my Space Wolves force. Though Oct time will see the return of my Iron Warriors to mark there 10 year worth of collecting, to think I been in the hobby for 15 year by that time. So though be cool to mark Oct due to my IW, my first tournament army for Conflict Scotland & for collect them for 10 years.


As for April Throne of Skulls, there a whole host of new models being done. A few that my team mate broke by accsedent (sp) during the weekend, don't worry Scott no hard feeling as said was a mistake. Or due to new idea like my Plasma Cannon arm Dreadnought Mk2, which I shown to a few people during the event.


But again thanks to all 12 oppents for a brillaint weekend. I would possible like do a future double tournament in the future however it just down to money & time more than anything else as it cost around £200 for travel & Hotels, etc... Just this year going to be good for tournaments due to a lot of good timeing happing, like July Throne of Skulls I'll be attending due to a family memeber who live out side of Nottingham is having a wedding just a few days before ToS July.

So Family up here in Scotland are going down, I though I stay a few days to get the ToS July event & just make it my summer holiday as well :D


On that note, as part of the best army nominee I might possible be on the GW web site which is pretty cool as well :lol:



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Sounds like a fun tournament, and getting that nomination would be cool too. I myself went to a doubles tourney a few months ago, took my Word Bearers allied with my mates (Traitor) Guard. Lots of excellently painted armies on fantastic tables. Doubles games seem have a different vibe and flow to them to me, which is refreshing.


I'm surprised by the huge amount of Space Marines you were against (only two xenos players?). Are all tournaments over there like that or was it purely coincidental?

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I'm surprised by the huge amount of Space Marines you were against (only two xenos players?). Are all tournaments over there like that or was it purely coincidental?


Not quite sure, never had the time to properly see what armies where there & the result did not say what armies people took. I never mind as all oppent where great & I really like battle three of the games vs Space Wolves for exsample as it good to see how other use there armies if it the same type as your own.


Just as said this was my first doubles.


Usely in the UKGT or Throne of Skulls it know now, I'll useing fight that least two Space Marines, few Xenos & then Chaos being Daemons or Marines. Though my local gaming club Rapid Fire saw me battle it out against Marines from round 1 to 3, all on the same table for me on all three round being table 5 :(


I think it was just luck of the draw. As said from the UKGT/ToS you will see a lot of diffrent race, everthing shown there. But for the doubles I did not get a chance to look around properly was a busy day :D But as said all 12 oppents where brillaint. I went with my Wolves due to being my tournament army for last year/this year, so my team mate went with Dark Angels, we battle each other enough, so let see how it gose team up.



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