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Truescale Land Raider


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Having built ¾ of a pre-heresy/heresy era World Eaters army (thread can be found here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...howtopic=212452 for those interested) I felt that it needed some kind of centre piece, at least until I got round to building Angron himself.

The trouble was, what to pick? The army itself is a full drop pod assault army, so unless it was something that fitted then it would probably never get used games wise. Then one evening after receiving the GW “Armies on Parade” email and looking through collected visions the inspiration struck me.

What would look better than a display board for the true scale World Eaters storming a fortress…..led by a massive true scale land raider.

Scouring my old friend Google images through up some truly wonderful conversions by those who’d got there first, combining the Land Raider kit with the tracks from the Baneblade. But something about the “Baneraiders” of Doghouse, Lamenter et al. didn’t feel right. No disrespect meant but I think it was the fact that they looked like a normal Land Raider with giant tracks….the tracks were the right size, but the body was dwarfed by them and looked a little “weedy” for my biggerised marines.

The solution I decided on was to widen and lengthen the body to bring it more into proportion with the track units. With this in mind I decided to order all the bits I need and to blog the ongoing progress.

Now please be aware that I actually started this project about 6 weeks ago, and have been taking photos at various points along the way. This means that the model is almost near completion, gallery_2806_5903_5998.jpg

I thought others might be interested in the thought and building processes behind it.


For this I started by trimming down the land raider interior side panels, removing all the material that would normally have formed the track guard, using the recesses as a guide. This would mean that, when assembled, I’d have a hull shaped box that I could attach the track units to.

The sides were also spilt down the centre of the column so that they could be extended to the new length.


A new base plate was also constructed from a piece of 1mm plasticard. This had strips of 1.5mm plasticard glued to it in order to represent the floor grating.


At a later point I decided to remove a section at the front of the new base plate in order to fit the tread plate section from the original base plate.

The left side was then attached to the new base plate, with spacers being fitted so that the two sections of the side fitted correctly. The gap between the two sections was then plated over with some 0.5mm plasticard to add structure and re define the split column.


The right side was spaced in the same way at this point


I then added the engine plate along with a plasticard spacer to the back


Next came the external engine and exhausts. These were assembled as normal and then widened by adding a spacer to each side


This was then attached to the hull assembly Note the 2 pieces of sprue used as spacers for the side, and the extra strip of plasticard glued to the end before the exhausts were attached. This was because I stupidly forgot that the interior engine needed to fit into the gap in the exhaust plate, and because I only spaced it on one side, it was off centre. The easiest solution was to push the exhausts back by 1mm



Hull before detailing


This photo (with the Baneblade tracks roughly in place) show how the top plate was split and extended. It also shows the extended assault ramp (which is two assault ramps split and glued together)


Both track units were then attached to the hull along with all the fittings so that the assault ramp opens and closes.



For the sponsons and side hatches I decided to use the cut down remains of the outside track units from the Landraider kit. Again using the armour panel lines as guides the excess material was removed, and then the panel inverted and attached to pre-cut grooves in the Baneblade track units so that the rear doors lined up.


The interior was then painted and weathered before everything was glued into place.

I used a 60:40 mixture of Dheneb stone and Graveyard Earth for the base colour, washing it with a 10:10:80 mix of water: Badab Black: Devlan Mud. The tread plate on the assault ramp was painted with a thinned mixture of Tin Bitz: Boltgun Metal: Chaos Black before being washed with the same mixture. Paint chips were applied using a sponge and a mixture of Scorched Brown and Codex Grey before the edges which would have the most wear were drybrushed with the metal mixture.


With the sponsons in place I then set about the task of plating all the open areas with plasticard. This was fairly straight forward thanks to the symmetrical design of the tank, and with some judicious use of milliput as a filler and some fine sand paper this is the current position.



A few extra details have been added, like the sensor next to the rear hatch, the top plate detail, handles and hinges on the driver’s hatch (which I decided to model without the turret ring so as to reduce the obstructions on the top hull and allow the viewer to focus on the crewman using the rear hatch), the cowling over the headlights (which are using the Baneblade body, but the lights from the Landraider) and the storm bolter mount.




I’ve also decided (and started) to carry the Baneblade’s rivet theme. To me the World Eaters were very much like the Deathguard when it came to aesthetics, preferring brute force and function over from.


Finally a comparison shot with a normal sized marine,


And one of my truescaled marines


Well that’s it so far. Still lots to do, but ay feed back/thoughts/help would be appreciated.

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Well isn’t it surprising how quickly real life can overtake the best laid plans?

Just when everyone (me included) thought that the truescale land raider was going to go the way of so many of my other projects, life gives me a day off with nothing going on (a first for about the last 4 weeks!)

So with several headaches and a major family crisis now under control I can turn my attention back to the behemoth.

Some more detailing work has been done, along with fully hinging the rear doors, and a crewman for the open top hatch has been built.

Now onto the pictures!

Firstly 3-d world eater logo’s applied to each of the doors (the lighting doesn’t show it to well, but there are 12 raised rivets on each ring)


Front view of assault ramp


Close up


Side door (note the lower hinge detail-have to thank a user by the name of Winterdyne over on the relic forums for the idea)

Now for the crewman. Made from Veteran Sergeant Haas’ body (thickened the same way as my world eaters, using a 1.5mm plasticard spacer), terminator legs and arms, a metal right hand form my bits box, a GS left hand holding the hatch and a maxmini head. The backpack is from the devastator sergeant with the servo arm coming from the techmarine servo harness.



And finally some paint (well undercoat at least!) The sponsons have all been left separate so the painting should go a lot easier.

Going for the classic white and blue scheme. Main hull will be white, with the rear quarter blue (diagonally striped) and the assault ramp and details in blue. Then some fairly heavy weathering and “wear and tear”


C&C welcome as usual!


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I can see my Devastators grinning like morons when they see that behemoth creep over the hill. Then again, if my Devs are getting shots off on it and not feasting on chainaxe by the next turn well...I guess you're not a true son of Angron.
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