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Some recent work to my SW

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Hi everone


With a few event line up I been working hard to add some new stuff to my Space Wolves force & though whould let people see some of the WIP models.


So far I have


Wolf Priest






I am waiting on some bits to arrive to finish off the conversion. The standard SW shoulder pads I use from the current pack set, also waiting on bits to add some more trophies which will be base on the Tyranids for those who have seen my army.

Use the Finecast Chaplain w/Jump pack. I got to say was nice & clean cutting of the hand for this conversion, while if it was metal it'd look like a dog had eat up the model.

One bit of air bubble on the Chaplin weapon/arm, but it actule help the purity seal fit in better.


Hopeful the bits arrive tomorrow so I can start painting him on Wed. For a 1200pts event I am going to. I really really hate small games but I will sometime let this slide from time to time like the Warhammer 40k doubles tournament.


Grey Hunter No1





These are Mk2 Grey Hunter. Pretty much update some models in the force, adding to there sagas & with Games Workshop release some brillaint parts I want to add.


Grey Hunter No2





The Dark Eldar trophie is base upon my friend Scott Dark Eldar force that he took to Throne of Skull April. Basicly the Melta arm Grey Hunter killed his Baron with his Melta, while being the only person alive in the unit, took on 14 Helions (?) in close combat, winning the day & slaughter what was left of the unit.

While the Bolter Grey Hunter, I just wanted to make use of the Apothercary backpack with Wolves one, though be cool & also trying out some Battlefleet Gothic bits from the Chaos & Imperial plastic ships.


Speaking of Battlefleet Gothic. When rumour where abound that Metal models where being replace with resin. I was a little worry in term of how will GW specil games be effected/if they would also see the change to finecast which I welcome :P as Finecast models I got so far have been brillaint. So better being safe than sorry, though I hate metal models, I wanted to get a second Battlefleet gothic army. I already have a fleet for my Iron Warriors base on the plastic chaos ships :D

So why not get one for my Space Wolves since they are a favrout army along with my Iron Warriors.


With Finecast announce, I place a order, usely I try to avoid metal models, but as said I alway aim to get a second fleet & Battlefleet gothic is not as easy as say Necromunda if they no longer get any model sold, with Necromunda you do have a lot of the 40k range to make up the gangs for example should they not be change over to finecast. I was orignaly going to start a project, which there is a topic kicking about. But one day that my gaming club I had no games arrange & though I would paint them. With in two hours the fleet was pretty much done. I think the longest bit was waiting on the Badab Black wash to dry.


1500pts Battlefleet Gothic
















I use the fleet on Thur just there for the first time. I don't play BFG much & sadily got slaughter by the Eldar. But learnt a lot about the game & Thunderhalk (sp) gunship rule :) But it really enjoible game & the whole way it play out.

Still got to name my ships, got a few idea & thanks to Battle for the Fang as well with a bit of space battle :D



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i like them although i'm not sure about the wolf priests head. i think he could use a beard personally


I can't sculpt so have to make with out it for the time being. It just hard to find someone who sculpt & then to get them to teach me, even the basic Green stuff, can only fill in gaps with it. Really wish GW release a Green Stuff "how to" book like they done for painting, terrian, tanks & Marines.... or 1st of April... how to roll dice ;)



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A great big bushy beard.


Name the film.



What is "Hot Fuzz". I'll take famous Space Wolves for $400. :(



Great stuff as always Psycho! Reallu love the look of your army. May do something similar w/e I pick up some older Mk's of armor from FW. ;)

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Thanks everone


Just got the Wolf Priest ready for undercaoting, just waiting on the sand/PVA to dry. Just built a new Wolf Guard for my baby sitting unit, Heavy Bolter Razorback unit. Really happy with the update of this model, show some honour & saga he has earn though games B)

So try get photos of him later.


Still waiting on parts to arrive to finish off one new Grey Hunter.



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Had no games that my game club tonight due to oppent pulling out, so spent the time painting & though show some of the Wolves shown here


Photos maybe blurry or dull due to dark & tired as it late here.


Wolf Priest (WIP)








I hated that I had nothing on the shoulder pad & was suggested by my friend to do my Wolf herald (sp) which is base on my Rhino doors




Pretty happy how it turn out on the shoulder pad. Still to finish it but the Wolf head was a one try with the moon. Star where hit & miss that first trying fit them in place.


Then Wolf Priest, Wolf Guards & Grey Hunters


















I tend to paint a model before a event. Alway have since Conflict Scotland 2002. Just never feel like a tournament unless your painting near to the day it self.







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how did you do that grey, its badass


+Adeptus Battlegrey as the base coat, I tend to leave the joints of the armour Black/thin line of black.

+Badab Black Wash. Once the base coat on & also the metal & brown are on, I give the model a wash of Badab Black

+Codex for Hightlights No1.

+ Fortress Grey for highlight No2. Bare in mind I only use Fortress on the very tip of the armour. When you look that a metal bar you have the orignaly colour, lighter & then a sort of white line where the light focuse is on.


That pretty much it along with the rest of the detail from the blue viking runes, red on the Wolves head.


On that note I said I was getting the Wolves ready for some events. I am slow recover from Scotland Invasion which was my local GW store trip down to Warhammer World, HQ of all GW'ness.



+ Was awake for 36 hour solid from 7am Mon (due to heat wave ^_^ ) up to Tue 6.30pm. Basicly we where to met on the Mon night & game Tue, as said I got woken up with the heat, I really hate hot weather & can not tolerate it that all. I preffer the nice cold weather with rain & cloudys.

I met with some of the other Veteran gamers to get a curry on the Mon night before going to GW before getting the bus down. Also did not help I was to hype up on coka cola. Already had two pint when I went for a curry.

Also I am happy. One of my friends though they would wind me up in the Idian restraunt. It ended up I give them a nick name which has stuck for the whole event, so that get it around him :D Was funny when he came 2nd & the use his new nickname.


+ During the Tue gaming side. I went from table 4 to two & then finial on table 1 on the last round. If I won the last game I would have won overall but sadily lost to my friend Graham, however I only drop to 4th place. So maybe a sign that if I don't sleep I game better :lol:


+ Got to catch up with a few friends I know down in Warhammer World. Lot of my friends from the store commented how I seem to know everone. Just Games Day last year any stop or event it self someone alway came up to catch up from diffrent stores, etc..... With Warhammer World few people from Black Library who I give a intro game when they came up to Scotland for Conflict when I use to work for GW.


Games where

Guards - 40 man Platoon try to flank me. Got torn apart from my Rhino unit with my Rune Priest & Wolf Priest with no wound in return.

Blood Angels - Ended with two Blood Angels assault marines lock in combat & a unit of Biker to far away to contest object I was holding.

Blood Angels - Could not stop that Storm Raven, one my razorback immobile it self dispit having dozer blade. There a reason why I have so many twin linked or re-roll in my army. Was really epic when my Rhino squad assaulted Death Company & how we both took each other units out. Wolf Priest & Chaplain both killed each other & my Rhino mounted Grey Hunter killed the Death Company only to be killed in return. It wired as both me & my friend commented we not fought each other in a while due to real life but most like to battle each other during this event.


But end of the day gaming side was brilaint.


Wolf Priest is brillaint. I was orignaly going to take a Lone Wolf but was not to happy with the conversion. Thought the Wolf Priest would be cooler model wise & I alway like Chaplains. In game he never let me down. Only time he got killed was last game, before that he never suffer a single wound.

So I highly recommend people try Wolf Priest out. I know I'll add him to over 1500pts & have him a bit more tooled up. Just had him with a Plasma Pistol due to pts. Gutted they can not take Power Fist, I like that combi where against 5 Space Marines use your Power Weapon, vs Dreadnought or the kill other Ind Ch, poiwer fist


Last round








Finial, my Space Wolves pick up the best army. Was close with my friend Alan Grey Knight army, he came 1st overall with them as well.




As said the trip was more so people could see Warhammer World, get a few games. As I belive ever hobbiest should see Warhammer World that least once. It brillaint & I been going for ten year now, my jaw still hit the ground. When going to the tournament down there I am alway running into the place.


So if you get the chance I really recommend people get to Warhammer World. Try the bugman bar breakfast & like wise launch is brillaint.


So now I got Throne of Skulls July in a week & a half. Going to tide up a few thing in the army. Possible make one new Grey Hunter base on the epic games I had down in Nottingham few days ago. Also I just bought my tickets for Throne of Skulls October. So I'm currently painting two pack of Long Fangs, standard set up with Launcher to give me that fire power.

I tend to alway charge in with the Wolves, my Razorback tend to be more if I needed to get unit claim object or from turn 2/3 onword offer fire support, I never sit back with them for a whole game.

So useing Long Fangs for that fire support & also because with ToS Oct being 1750pts, it only 11 models to carry vs 2 more tanks, make my life easy as my case is already full as it is.


But yes standard set up with 4x Launcher in each & due to 20pts spare I added in a token Heavy Bolter Long Fang as well who has done really well so far & has yet to be killed in game fo rpractise for ToS Oct. Need to see about adding some bits to him for his saga now, some cool trophies.



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