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Battle for Asgard VII Prime or my SW going to Games Day

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Hi everone


Well today though out the UK, ever Games Workshop store is holding Armies on Parade. Where the winner of each store get to take there army down to Games Day.


For me I think this is a brillaint idea. I enjoy see other armies that are really nicely painted &/or converted. Though I may not collect this or that army, it still offer a lot of idea. It why I like attending tournaments as well & it why I like come on the fourm. Really get fed up of people moan about the hobby, why can we not enjoy it for what it is, models, gaming with friends & haveing a laught as it a hobby.


I fully support armies on parade for Games Day. This is one place you can pretty much count me spend my time that during the UK Games Day event as I am alway looking to try out new conversion & get ideas.




I just return from my local Games Workshop store where my Space Wolves have won, to be taken down to Games Day UK on 25th Sept


For my own display board I though I would theme it around my Space Wolves background, when they hit the planet Asgard VII Prime & trying to gain a foot hold or a base to work from. Base upon my background I use for my own Space Wolves force for the tournaments & like my Iron Warriors, it a force I care about & as such like to get as much detail on theme, conversion & painting.


Here a bit from the SW background


I remember as many had foreseen, a great evil descending on Asgard VII Prime. Those that once knew peace now knew only war. With their homes destroyed by the foes of the Imperial, hope faded & the population were led into the shadow of despair. Asgard VII Prime was left defenceless.

But there was salvation, a light in these darkest times. They arrived from the sky, those warriors of the mighty Space Wolves, warriors who can set fear into the very heart of evil.

We fought, we fought for our dead, we fought for the very earth we stood upon, we spilt their blood, and we fought for the Imperial, for Russ & the All Father.

We may be few & our enemies many, yet so long as there remains one of us still fighting, one who still rages in the name of justice & truth, then by the All Father, Asgard VII Prime shall yet know hope.

Saga of Asgard VII Prime by Dreadnought, Rothgar the Wolf Guard & Skald of the 5th Great Company.


Photos, sorry if some photos seem funny, for some reason camera started to steam up/get foggy?


From my local GW store




























Some photos I just taken a few momenet ago








Some of the detail from poster, broken glass & many other can be seen though out the board. I want this to be a city that it people have left, it been hit badly by the way on Asgard VII Prime.






Broken glass I hand made from the blister pack GW models come in








As well as theme the board around the battle scene/background of my Space Wolves. My other aim was to pretty much fit my 1750pts tournament force onto here + extras. Like my Wolf Guard Battle Leader who I use during the 40k Double tournament back in Feb, then there my Wolf Priest who I made for my store trip down to Warhammer World in Nottingham.


While I made one new model being a Lone Wolf. I just purely made the Lone Wolf as though I don't tend to use them. They are great in regard to there background & also the model side they offer. Just being a single model I though he'd be cool for fill in gaps on my board






For the Lone Wolf I use the battle damnge from White Dwarf 374 where Nick Bayton use it on his Blood Angels Battle force set.


So yes, if your going to Games Day UK, make sure to keep a eye out for this.



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I always loved your models man, the edging you create with paint is awesome, and the detail on this board is awesome, a lot to take in, I wish I could see it in person to really catch it all. Congrats Brother!




With the board, yes I wanted the focuse to be on everthing, not the one area. I've kept in mind that people might be looking around the whole board, so made sure the back bit has just as much detail as the main front of my display board.


Also under the floor have been painted on the building. Did not want to miss out or be lazy that would cost vote.


I've been wanting to post about my board since June. But I also wanted to keep this as a big suprise until today pretty much. Everone seen my Space Wolves from the tournament & my local GW. But display board I been keep this under rap. Not even shown my NQ to HND model making teacher as they been really intrested to see what I'd be doing. Just I done a model making course & been useing the skills with my hobby.


Just notice the window not turn out so well in the photo :D Guess it going be one of those thing. Ah well, mean people be look that them during Games Day & hopeful get better photos.


Now my task is how am I going to carry my army down to Games Day. It going to be 8 hour in a bus down, 6 hour of Games Day & 8 hour come back home


But for now I will be relax & on my PS3 with.....





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So Games Day UK has been & gone now & my Space Wolves went down for Armies on Parade.


Sadily I do not have any photos due to lossing my camera on the way back home, which has really :( me off & it took a lot for me to hold the Wulfen with in me when I got home. Bare in mind I'd been awake for over 30 hours, 7am Sat, left 12am with my local GW store arrive home 12am on Sunday night.


But though I do a little post.


First up thank to Chris, writer of Battle for the Fang novel for taken the time to check out my Armies on Parade board. Was really cool & was good getting that quick talk about Battle for the fang & exsplain my board to yourself. Like wise thanks for sign my novel & codex Space Wolves.


With a replcament camera being sorted. I am going to try get some photos taken soon, as there was some stuff I did not show. For exsample, with the poster there was a few like Graham McNeill novel Killing Ground or Chris Battle for the Fang front cover made into poster. As I like add these detail, to see if anyone will notice them.


If anyone was that Games Day & took photos of my Armies on Parade, please feel free to post them here or a fourm I am a memeber off.



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I would love to see some close-up work of the rune highlighting you did on some of the armor and bolters. I messed around with some of the bolters in icy blue and some with a green, but you runes really seem to pop off the model.


Paints use are


Regal Blue, Ultramarine blue, Ice Blue. Skull white (not to much) would be use on things like tanks. Made sure each colour can be seen, by this I mean Ice blue will be the thin line for the Runes.


Sadily I do not have much close up as they alway turn out blurry. All I got are the once I posted up on the fourms so far






I got a tournament on Sat & a replacement camera so try my best get a bit closer up. If not I know one of my friends will be aim to take a video of my Space Wolves army & the display board that was use for Armies on Parade as he was not able to make it to Games Day & will not be able to make it to another local tournament in a month time where it'll also be on display.

So this Sat hopeful he'll get as much of my army filmed as possible & get some nice close up of the models & the detail.


I went for Blue as it seem better suited for spot colour on the armour. But if it was green, I do it same way as my Power Weapons, Dark Angels Green, Snot Green & Scorpian green.


Saying about that tournament I better finish off my destroyed Tank marker, got half a week left :ph34r: & barely near finish with only tomorrow my only real own hobby time.



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With new camera in hand after lossing my orignaly one last week & a local tournament today, though get some more photos of the board. Sorry if there blurry photos was trying get the setting to the way I had my orignaly camera before it went a.w.o.l after games day




The board was for Armies on Parade which was last week that Games Day UK as said above/this topic. Though I would take the board along to the local tournament & will also be going to my own gaming club tournament in four weeks. Sholto (Dave) on here has taken a video of the board & hopeful has it in clear detail, this should be up on his blog soon & get that link, possible tomorrow, as well as film the tournament during the day.














Notice the Killing Ground & Battle for the Fang poster. Did not post these before as wanted to see how many people would notice these during Games Day last weekend.












There a tournament report kicking about on the fourms.



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I always loved your models man, the edging you create with paint is awesome, and the detail on this board is awesome, a lot to take in, I wish I could see it in person to really catch it all. Congrats Brother!



I totally agree, the thing that srikes me about your stuff is the edging, its awsome.

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You can now see a Video take by Sholto (Dave) from the ELG tournament by here along with the other armies that took part in ELG.



Just heard the joke some people made during the tournament about me painting my board & Space Wolf army the night before the tournament, a rep that follow me for years B)


Basicly to put this on record. I am know to paint though armies in a short amount of time, to record. I would like to list them, but there way to many.


Here one exsample from Sholto blog from a year ago when we had a practise game for a tournament. It was the day after I painted a Blood Angel army for my friend who was going to Throne of Skulls with me in Nov last year


The man who can paint an entire Blood Angels army in the time it takes me to wash my brushes (approx a week, if you’re wondering – I like clean brushes).


Or from Ross who attend ELG last year

Ross ELG Counter Attack 2010 battle report


Best army went to Jamie Farquhar - his Space Wolves can be seen above. Jamie's work is prolific and of an extremely high standard. I faced his Iron Warriors at Rapid-Fire Stirling last year, which also saw him take home the Best Army award


The person in charge of the tournament try joke with my oppent that some terrain was to rep marker when my tanks where destroyed. Only for me to bring out a bags with base to rep blast/when my tanks are destroyed as when a tank get a 6, your ment to leave a marker to rep where the tank destroyed & it act as a bit of cover. Also look cool model wise.

Just it a bit like college teacher wind me up saying the burger van ran out of bacon, only for the staff to have my roll & square sasage (Scotland food, breakfast like a burger, but not a burger) with bacon ready for me as they know me to well down there, what time I'd be there & my order, left him speachless & was his story during the end of the year college show.


So just though exsplain a bit on this & just because I find it funny my rep as a fast painter follow me where ever I go. It like how my friends from my local GW store alway laught that the amount of people who seem to know me from tournament, cover our local GW store (one man store) or going to Games Day walk about or when our store bus stop.



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