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[MadFly-Art] Belial, Master of the Deathwing


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Forge World miniature with Games-Workshop bits, Masters-level, SE-NMM, NMM, vote on CMON.

Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky










Comments are welcome

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The painting is right at the top of the class and I love it, but for some reason it just don't say Belial to me. I dont think it is ornate enough to be the master of the Deathwing.


So do I it looks more akin to a squad leader then the master of the deathwing. Too bad it's painted really well.

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Probably the nicest Unforgiven model I've clapped eyes on. Love the off-hand bolter and the execution of the pose, pose is so very important.


It would perhaps benefit from some more cloth (cape, cloak, robes), but this guy does need to be compared to Chapter Master Azrael, who should by rights be more decorated.

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Not ornate enough?? – I think it's OK. Chapters/company Masters in battle regalia don't all need to look like Romans in space with cloaks, trinkets and baubles everywhere in a way that sadly GW seem intent on steering us these days. The pared down look exemplifies the totally pragmatic approach the Master of the Deathwing adopts when he needs to put in a shift and get the job done. I think the armour being used here is different enough from that of a 'normal' termy model to look special enough.


Technically the painting skills displayed are awesome sauce. But if I was being constructively honest – there is too much DA Green battle plate on display. Black might have been more appropriate as it was the DWs colour prior to adopting the bone scheme. Just my opinion of course. Design wise I can see that the green is visually more interesting though B)


I say that not to take anything away from the superb model build, pose and painting techniques.




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