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LPC 2012 - Angels of Resolution

Brother Kovash

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Here is my WIP thread for the 2012 LPC. I've pledged to complete 1 Deathwing Captain (counts as Belial), 1 Deathwing Terminator Squad and 1 Drop Pod for my Angels of Resolution chapter. My Captain is equipped with TLC, my squad setup is Sergeant with Heavy Flamer and Power Sword, 2 TH/SS, and 2 TLC. The Drop Pod will not include the interior for troops, since I will only ever use it for my Revered Dreadnought, Brosav.

Deathwing Captain:


Sergeant with Heavy Flamer:


Battle Brothers with TH/SS:



Battle Brothers with TLC:



Drop Pod for Revered Brother Brosav:


Edit: Images added from Gallery.

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Thanks for the kind words brothers. I'll be able to spray them and give them a wash tomorrow, then hopefully slap some paint on Thursday or Friday.


@Semper: I just saw your Drop Pod in the DA forums, it looks great! I'm still wrestling with the idea of painting mine in the Deathwing colors, chapters colors, or a mix of the two. I'm saving the Drop Pod for later, so I still have time to figure it out.

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Here's a quick update.

I was able to use up the last of my GW Skull White primer today to prime my models for the LPC. After letting them sit for a few minutes, I gave them a nice wash of Gryphonne Sepia. I left the weapons and shields bare because they'll get a wash of Badab Black after I paint them, hopefully next week.

Here they are with just the primer:



And here they are after a sepia wash:








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Had a few delays, but I was able to make a little bit of progress today. I added the basecoat to two of my models:






Here's a little comparison between the primer with sepia wash, and the basecoat itself:



I use Reaper Polished Bone with GW Graveyard Earth to get the bone color for my armor. I use a 1:1 mix, with a little more bone than earth. I haven't tried priming Deathwing in black before the basecoat, white just seems to work better for me. Sorry for the picture quality, but I can't find my proper camera so I had to use my phone.

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Picture quality is fine - I'm using the wife's iPhone all the time, so I know how you feel!


Bone color looks smooth and even. Shading's fine too! Can't wait for you to pick up the details. Have you decided on the color of the Storm Bolter casings? Green or red? Or black or all metal? :D

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@Captain Semper: First, you're right about taking pictures with the phone. They are turning out better than when I used my regular camera. Especially once I learned you can crop your photos. Second, I'll start posting some pics in the DA forum as well. Gotta find a way to motivate other people to get some work done.

Here are some more pics. Basecoating is done, details and weapons will be next.









For now I am going to paint the =][= shoulder pad in black, just like in the Deathwatch. That will be this terminator sergeant's back story. Simply put, I ran out of DW shoulder pads when I was building this squad.

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Well it seems to me that all you need is to add the harnesses and you're done! Looks great Brother Kovash, your white is very smooth all around - no small feat... BTW some highlighting and shading of the recesses could be a nice addition but by no means necessary to declare a completion!


Keep it up!

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Thank you Marshal. I've been using the same bone color consistently on all my terminators, just a simple 1:1 mix of Reaper Polished Bone and GW Graveyard Earth.

And here is my last model, Deathwing Captain Falkov, of the Angels of Resolution First Company:





My vow is complete.

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