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Word Bearers - The Sons of Urizen


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The Prophet spoke:"Hear now, the words of Urizen: 'From the depths of dark solitude, from the eternal abode in my holiness, Hidden, set apart, in my stern counsels, Reserved for the days of futurity, I have sought for a joy without pain, for a solid without fluctuation.'" Dread silence met the speaker's words. The hosts of the Twelfth Company of the Word Bearer's legion stood in rapt attendance. "We make land in twelve hours. Let us bring to the infidels the Gods' iron law: 'One command, one joy, one desire, one curse, one weight, one measure, one King, four Gods, one law.'"


Hello all. As part of my LPC vow (for one squad of five Chaos Terminators, one Chaos Sorcerer Lord in Terminator armor, and one squad of eight Chaos Space Marines) and as a distraction from Grad School, I've gotten around to restarting my Word Bearer's army. With a twist. See, as it stands my thesis is on William Blake, whose more... eccentric writing features a character named Urizen. Sound familiar?


Basically, my army will be drawing heavily from the texts known as the Prophetic Books. More fluff will come as I develop it. Right now, all I've got is my first squad in the works, as pictured below. They're token Word Bearers units: all flames, parchment, and zealous bigotry.


Now, I must apologize for the picture quality. All I've got is the one built into my iPod Touch.



Word Bearer with sconces of flame built into the backpack. The flames have yet to be lit.



Something similar, though here I've modeled the flames.



Plasma-armed marine.



The unpainted bunch.



The three I've completed thus far. Well, almost completed. Basing is still to come.


Again, I apologize about the poor picture quality. I'll see what I can do about that. We'll see how often I can update as well, though I'm hoping to make the March 1 deadline. But we'll see. Thoughts?

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Now, I must apologize for the picture quality. All I've got is the one built into my iPod Touch.


Apparently your ipod focused on the paint pots in the background rather than on the minis in the foreground. Maybe you should try to use a sheet of paper just behind your minis as a background. I'm not sure it will work but it might be worth trying.

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His cold horrors silent, dark Urizen

Prepar'd; his ten thousands of thunders,

Rang'd in gloom'd array, stretch out across

The dread world; and the rolling of wheels,

As of swelling seas, sound in his clouds,

In his hills of stor'd snows, in his mountains

Of hail and ice; voices of terror

Are heard, like thunders of autumn

When the cloud blazes over the harvests.



And I have returned, with more painted models. And, hopefully, slightly better picture quality. We'll see.



Here we have the first half of my eight regular CSM.



And here we have the second half.


Now, I have yet to paint the flames, and yes, I realized for one of them (Plasma Marine) they go off at a slant, as opposed to upwards. Shame on my for not thinking of that when I was modelling. Maybe I'll have time to fix it, someday. Right now, I need advice as to how I should paint the flames. I'm torn between a kind of ice blue, which would contrast nicely with the dark red, while matching their (eventual) snow bases. Yet a bright red flame might work just as well. I can't think of any one reason to go one way or another. Hypothetically, I could try both, and then divide those marines by squad when I have a sufficiently-sized army.



Here they've formed a firing squad, ridding me of remembrances of my fourteen-year-old painting.


@Wicced: Bugger. I hadn't realized what had happened until you pointed it out. Maybe they're aiming at a dreadnought? But I see what you mean about the flames - I'm hoping they work out better when they're painted. As yet they seem a little large and a little crude.


Next up, modelling-wise: my Eternal Prophet Los (Sorcerer in Terminator armor) and five terminators!

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Yay! Word Bearers! My 3rd favourite Legion (maybe 4th) :ph34r:


So far it looks good, tho I think taking the pics from some distance to the minis and then zooming the pic or something might help with the focus-issue.


- Nat

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looking forward to your terminators brother :tu:


nevermind the guys aiming upwards, maybe they're just on air defense duty ;)


i'm curious how the flames will look when painted...

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Sund'ring, Dark'ning, Thund'ring!

Rent away with a terrible crash

Eternity roll'd wide apart

Wide asunder rolling

Mountainous all around

Departing; departing; departing:

Leaving ruinous fragments of life

Hanging frowning cliffs and all between

An ocean of voidness unfathomable.


The roaring fires ran o'er the heav'ns

In whirlwinds and cataracts of blood

And o'er the dark deserts of Urizen

Fires pour thro' the void on all sides

On Urizen's self-begotten armies

(The Book of Urizen 5:3-4)


It's been over a month, but I have returned with new offerings. Shame about the iPod camera though.



My collection of Terminators. They're not based yet, but I've got until the end of March to base them.



Here's the one I like the most. For some reason I see the post as having turned out well - it looks as though he's giving a benediction of some sort.


I've also finished the squad of eight (now ten) regular Chaos Space Marines, but I forgot to take pictures of them. Next time.


And, finally, the model I've been most excited about: Los, The Eternal Prophet.



He's a little different from the token Dark Apostle for one large reason: as the first named character in my army to have an analogue with The Book of Urizen, I wanted to be a little more faithful to Blake's imagery. First off, he's got the hammer because Los is depicted with it - the work of prophecy is manifested in Blake by the blacksmith's labor. The book hanging off the hammer will be painted either an iron color, or a brass, to keep with Urizen's brass books of Law. The chain comes from a depiction of Los in the Book of Urizen proper, as can be seen in this particular plate (warning: artistic nudity, but no "obscenity/pornography"). I'll admit, I toyed with having a more faithful recreation of Los' features - beard and all - but I decided against it. His depiction is a compromise: one requirement of my modelling him in the Warhammer 40K universe is that he has to look intimidating. So I gave him a helmet instead, but rather liked how the chain turned out.


I've got about three and a half weeks left to paint him and base the rest of my units. So far so good!

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Looking good, and as I said before, I love the Blake-inspiration.

Could you download a better camera app for your iPod? It would really help your photos.

I downloaded CamStudio+ for my iPhone for free and often use that for taking and editing photos.

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Alas, I have no time for an elaborate update. I'll edit this post later, but I've got to run to a movie and need to upload these ASAP. Because my LPC vow's complete!



My Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor: Los, the Eternal Prophet.



My squad of eight Chaos Space Marines.



Finally, my five terminators.



Group shot!


@Kierdale: I tried the program you suggested, but it turns out I need an iPhone for it to work properly. My iPod's camera is of poorer quality, and doesn't have auto-focus. Which is lame.


Again, will edit this later to be a little more impressive. Had to post my completed vow, though, lest I be shamefully branded.

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Then Light first began; from the fires

Beams, conducted by fluid so pure

Flow'd around the Immense: Los beheld

Forthwith writhing upon the dark void

The Back bone of Urizen appear

Hurtling upon the wind

Like a serpent! like an iron chain

Whirling about in the Deep.

The Book of Los 4:1


Given that those spawns of a poetaster have gilded their challenge to the rest of the forum with some luminescent latin, I figured I'd use Blake's version of "Let there be light." It's been a while since I updated this, mostly because I wanted to get a better camera before I started making regular updates. But then the DAPC was upon us, and I had to fall back upon my iPod camera. As ever, excuse the poor picture quality.


First off, we have what I've been working on in my silence:


My miscellaneous havoc squad. They'll second weapons to my regular squads when they're needed.




My old-timey rhino! The black plates were once trophy collections and spikes before I realized that their fragility made them bothersome. Instead I cut them off, filed them down, and painted squiggly golden runes on them to represent daemonic possession when I feel like using it. The flaps of parchment on either side were inspired by buddhist prayer flags. I liked the idea of having them wrapping about the wind as my rhino delivers its payload.



And we come to the first part of my DAPC vow. A five-man squad of marines, with one aspiring champion plus power weapon. I basecoated them, but got a little ahead of myself and painted the champion before I had taken pictures of anything else.


The last half of my vow is a vanilla chaos land raider. Now, I'm hoping to create some kind of a dais and alter atop it, but I have no idea how to start that process. Any suggestions, or even links to tutorials?

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Very good stuff! I particularly like the prayer parchments on the rhino, they look really good!

The marines are all looking good. I'd best get myself started in my vow too, for that matter.


I've seen an old land raider with a platform added to it years ago, using the cabin area of a first-production ork battle wagon. Not something easy to get one's hands on now.

Since you're doing Word Bearers why not aim for a kind of mobile-shrine? Have a lectern on it, a pulpit (with pintle-mounted multi-melta) and a blasted altar (complete with sacrificial victim, burning censers, etc).

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@Evil Eyeball: You guessed right. The sconces for the flames are those old lego disk things. I don't know what they're exactly called.


@Thirst: Don't I know it. I'm building on a budget, so I can't pick up a new camera yet. I'm hoping to borrow my roommate's one of these days, though. I'm back home in two weeks, so we'll see then.


Also, I think I know what I want to do with my Land Raider. I like the idea of an altar, and if I can construct something like this (minus the glowing sun), I should be content. Put some candles on the altar, an iron book, and a kneeling worshipper, and I should be set.

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"And Urizen gave life and sense by his immortal power

To all his Engines of deceit: that linked chains might run

Thro' ranks of war spontaneous: and that hooks and boring screws

Might act according to their forms by innate cruelty.

He formed also harsh instruments of sound

To grate the soul into destruction, or to inflame with fury

The spirits of life, to pervert all the faculties of sense

Into their own destruction..." (Four Zoas, 8.131-137)


So here it is: my last post for the foreseeable future. Even though I'm moving halfway across the country, I couldn't let my dark brethren down. So here's my completed E Tenebrae Lux vow. First, my Land Raider:








The last picture's important, as it points towards the inspiration for my conversion (noted about two or three posts up). Here are my five marines, including an icon bearer that I painted up for kicks:






As ever, I apologize for the photo quality. If I ever get a better camera, I'll bring these guys out of storage and take better pictures for posterity. Until then, though, Death to the False Emperor.

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