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Death Company Razorback


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Hi guys,

Long time no see. University is keeping me busy, but not a single crap was given today because I decided to paint something.

I decided to go for the DC Razorback because I thought it would take the least amount of time. Turned out to be wrong. ^^

Took me quite some time to be honest.


Though here it is in all it's glory. Used some FW parts and drilled out all the barrels. Even DC chaplain approves the new taxi for his crazy guys. ^^


I hope you like it.

Comments of any kind are appreciated.









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Really like it! :lol: You planning on using DC with razorbacks in game (been thinking that thought myself...)?

To be honest I am using them every single game. A naked DC unit of five guys (1 PW if I can spare the points) with an attached Reclusiarch in a Razorback.

People are totally underestimating what these guys are capable of. They smash faces big time.


Meanwhile I just used my Baal Predator without sponsions as a proxy for my Razorback with assault cannon.

Maybe people give a little bit more attention to them since they have this new vehicle.

; )

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lol, that's what I'm running minus the reclusiarch and the forgeworld parts. I couldn't fit the reclusiarch in due to points limit so I'm running 5 bolter DC and a librarian in an Assault Cannon Razorback.

Oh that reminds me, I have to post a new list.


I really like this razorback here, the red cover on the cannon and the red exausts really stand out nicely along with the forgeworld parts.

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