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LPC vow Blood Angel Contemptor finished


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Finally achieving the time to start my vow of a painted BA contemptor last weekend because it was far too cold to undercoat outside...

This year hte plan is somethign Blood Angels-y and I've been sittign on a contemptor for a couple of months waiting for the LPC to give me the incentive to get it done (rather than using it semi-painted).

Currently had the first layer of Blood Red over white undercoat, and now starting on the metalics, then it'll be going back over the armour plates and then detailing. Seem to be having some trouble with the undercoat adhering properly though - may have to wing it slightly...

(apologies about the pic - cant find my camera so had to use the phone)


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He's together (barring a bit of touching up where I had glue issues, 1 head and 4 fingers) but I'm not going to be bale to put up a pic till sunday - off on a stag do to the wilds of the Peak District in about half an hour so got to pack rather sharpish.


Appologies for being rather pathetic this year!

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Back from stag do and fingers attached to painted Contemptor...

Lessons learnt - get elbows the right way around and do more sub assemblies - it makes the model easier to deal with and paint rather than painting everything separately and then trying to attach (and less chance of stuffing up paint-jobs with glue fumes) - Arms/fists can probably be done in 1 unit unless you're magnetising for weapon-swapping purposes...

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