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Completed Squads - Task Force Furael

Bryan Blaire

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All previous images/WiP can be found in the links in my signature

The first full Tactical Squad participating in the Quelling of Hybreon IV from Task Force Furael, Stoneburners chapter is complete! This is also the first full squad I have ever completed all the way to finishing details (aside from varnishing for protecting) for any of my DIY ideas, so I'm stoked.

Tactical Squad Guias

From Fire Team/Combat Squad 1:
Group Photo

Battle Brother Imael:

Imael's greave detail:

Battle Brother Aestrel:

Aestrel's elbow armor plates and tactical pauldron:

Battle Brother Orael:
Orael's greave armor devotional text and chapter pauldron:

Battle Brother Rhiel (his name text came out really bad due to bumps/texturing issues in the name area):
Rhiel's greave armor devotional text and flamer kill marker close-up (kill marker is supposed to look like ork tusks):

And finally, Squad Sergeant Guias:

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Continuation of Tactical Squad Guias

Fire Team/Combat Squad 2:


Group Photo

Battle Brother Molaciah:


Battle Brother Adeon:


Battle Brother Phaeon:


Phaeon's greave armor devotional text:


Battle Brother Thesiel:



Thesiel's pauldron devotional text, Chapter icon, and Company marking:


Battle Brother Evael, Fire Team/Combat Squad Two Leader:


Evael's chequed greave border and pauldron detail:


So that's that! Hope you guys/gals enjoy! Not going to make too many changes to these unless I get a wild hair to do more extreme highlighting or some battle damage (but I'm not envisioning these guys as being involved in combat ops at this point in the story), but any comments and criticism will be looked at for use in further squads.

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Wow! The detail on these is incredible!
Great job man :P
The attention to detail is quite impressive! Love these guys.
The details on these models is truly exquisite. It really gives them a certain character. Great work!

Thank you all very much! I'm glad you guys all like them.

Seriously these are epic! Do you have any background written for them? I'd love to see what's up with these guys!

Thanks a bunch!

I have some background written for them (more than right here). They are DA Successors that were created using various DA Successor gene tithe, with the training cadre being selected from the Angels of Vengeance. They are a fleet-based Chapter with an adopted homeworld of Akhundras II (a Death World) where they recruit about 40% of their total recruits. Their current campaign is in response for a request for assistance from an under-minister within the governorship of Hybreon IV after the planet's major leadership was decapitated by a group of Chaos Marines and an apparent invasion force launched at the planet's surface.

The Stoneburners have incorporated a wide range of the almost death cult styled belief systems shaped by life on Akhundras II, primarily in the Deathwalker company based specifically around concepts that came to being on the planet prior to its discovery by the Imperium of Man. Some of these ideas are also incorporated into the Boneseekers company.

I'll probably post string out other details throughout my posts before I post an actual IA.

Really cool models. I love all those little details you put on them. Could we get a picture where the kneepads can be seen better? It looks like a company badge on the left knee, but I cannot really make out what is on the right one. Are the twin swords the tactical squad marking?

Awesome, thanks!

You asked, so here they come!

Campaign Marking for Task Force Furael, Quelling of Hybreon IV and 4th Company marking:


Edit: The campaign marking incorporates the following elements:

* The stormy blue grey sky and white contrails and clouds of a contested world

* The fiery blood red spear tip of a direct strike force of the Stoneburners

* A bone colored lightning bolt representing the death anticipated by their devastating drop assault

Yes, the reversed twin swords is the Tactical Squad marking for the Stoneburners.

I'll have to echo the previous sentiments on the detail of the models...top notch. All of the freehand work really makes these guys stand out from the crowd.

Are you using a brush, or Micron pens?

Just a brush, no pens! All the details on this squad were painted with Army Painter's Wargamer: Character sized brush (mostly because I haven't quite fixed my Insane Detail sized brush - it has some weird extra bristles that didn't get cut properly, so it doesn't hold enough paint to paint with at the tip).

Beautiful work as always Brother Bryan. I hope you have a transport ready to paint for these guys, I know it will look amazing.

Thanks a bunch, Brother Kovash, I'm glad these guys have been welcomed into the Dark Angels Legion fold. :)

Oddly enough/sadly enough, no, I haven't actually got any transports for any of my squads except some Land Raiders, however, my Predators and Whirlwind will likely be pulling magnetized double duty as Rhinos when I don't need them. I am definitely workin' on getting some Razor-rhinos though!

Thanks to everyone for taking a look and I definitely welcome any CnC anyone might have, and who knows, these guys may end up getting some more work if I don't get them varnished any time soon!

Edit 2: For some more information, check out my DA forum thread, I've got more info on how I came up with some of the ideas for my Chapter (link in my sig).

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ugh cutting sorry

Ah, okay, thought so. Honestly, I'll probably just be using a new blade on my Xacto/hobby knife, but I need to make sure I only cut the two or three stray hairs that aren't forming into part of the tip, I don't want to mistakenly mess up the tip of the brush since it's already so thin and I wouldn't want to blunt it.



I am in love with these. The green is a beautiful iridescent kind of green, like it's off a beetle or something. Excellent detailing.
Lovely work :tu:



That detail work is inspirational. Good stuff.

Thanks guys! It actually does mean a lot that folks like 'em. As far as the green, I think that's actually the result of painting a couple of thinner DA green layers over a satin black spray finish. I think it's a pretty cool look, but I've been having problems with spraying lately (screwed up a couple of models), so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get new models with the same finish.

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These guys are great and a thousand people already said something about the detail so I'll try to be different.


I love the color scheme! The Green and Black are very nice main colors and the white and red accents are amazing!

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The attention to detail is outstanding and I really like the though that's gone into the markings. THe only thing detracting for me is that there are some pretty big moldlines showing.
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Good work. Its nice to see some DA sister chapters represented

Thanks HJL! The Legion of the Unforgiven is emerging from the shadows! B)


Very nice models the details are fantastic.



Wow! They are very impressive. I love your freehand work. well done. :D

Thanks guys!


These guys are great and a thousand people already said something about the detail so I'll try to be different.


I love the color scheme! The Green and Black are very nice main colors and the white and red accents are amazing!

TBH, I made this one up after looking at the Flesh Tearers and imagining them in green instead of red and then looking at the Disciples of Caliban (who I think they most closely resemble). Then it just started bouncing colors around.


The attention to detail is outstanding and I really like the though that's gone into the markings. THe only thing detracting for me is that there are some pretty big moldlines showing.

Yeah, I hate those damn mold lines. These were my very first set of the new plastic Marines from around the 3rd Edition release though, so I'm not going to mess with them too much, because TBH, I'm not actually sure how much paint may be found under those mold lines if I began scraping them. :devil: Prior to that, I only had the snap together ones that came with the 2nd Edition box. The next few squads are much cleaner, so hopefully they'll look better (although they still contain the old metal Devastator weapons - shudder).

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