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Magnus the Red


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Another quick paint job, didn't keep track of the time for once. Couple hours I guess?


We have pretty cool rules for him at home, but he's not at his full Heresy-era strength because I base him off his form in Battle of the Fang.


Enjoy :D






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why is his skin red too? I always think it was only his hair that were red...


I'm not very knowlegfull of the battle of the fang, they had change their armor color befor it? always think they were still in loyalist color at that time.


Good model though I love the chain-Kopesh :)

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Very Cool Ah-a, :huh:

i bet he causes some serious smack down ingame!!

also off topic - any more work on your Lamenters(my fav stuff of yours at the moment :huh: )



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