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IA: Angels of Caliban

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Chapter Name: Angels of Caliban
Chapter Number: XXXII
Primarch: Lion el’Jonson
Grand-Master: Bohemond 1V
Homeworld: None, Fleet Based Chapter
Fortress-Monastery: Imperial Battleship, Glory of Caliban
Main Colours: Black and Forest Green
Speciality: Tactical flexibility
Successors: None recorded
Battle Cry: “Death to the Traitor!”



“Adeptus Astartes! Angels of the First Legion! Today is a historic day indeed! Today, today we start the Great Crusade to liberate and unite Mankind!”
- The Emperor’s speech to Legio I on the day he launched the Great Crusade

The Angels of Caliban can trace their origins to the earliest days of the Imperium. The 18th Order of the legio I was formed on the hallowed soil of Terra itself. One of the original Chapters of the Legio, the Astartes of the 18th Order distinguished themselves on countless battlefields and conquered hundreds of worlds in the name of the Emperor. It was on the blood soaked fields of Callix V that the Order would suffer their highest number of casualties yet. Over 3000 Astartes perished against the Techno Empire of Callix, yet they refused to be denied and finally destroyed the Empire, assimilating what was left into the Imperium. Shattered and badly mauled, it was on the Emperor orders that the Order was to distribute the majority of their Marines to other Chapters, and they were to proceed to Caliban with a training cadre to take in and train the first of the new Astartes, the sons of Caliban itself.

Malachi and Raul were brothers and sons of the Order. Raised in the latter days of Caliban’s Great Crusade the two honed their skills against each other and the last of the great beasts that plagued their home. These two mighty Heroes fought side by side in every conflict, in every war, their swords rose and fell as one, they lived and breathed as one, their bond was as inseparable as that of the Lion and Luther! True Sons of Caliban, they immortalised all that was good and pure about their world, they truly were Dark Angels, sons of the Lion!
- Extract from Remembrancer Wulfnorth, M.31

Caliban, the new home world of the I Legion, now named The Dark Angels by their Primarch Lion el’Jonson. Chapter-Master Elisha and his cadre arrived at Caliban to be greeted by their Primarch himself. Jonson renamed the Chapter the 18th Order and new recruits were sent to Elisha to be trained. Over the remainder of the crusade the Order continued to fight hard against the foes of man. It was during this time that two Marines would rise to prominence. One was a true son of Caliban, Malachi who had served in The Order while the other, Raul, had fought as a Knight of Lupus before joining the Order. As the Order finished campaigning in the Revdor system, Raul was ordered back to Caliban to take command of the 42nd Chapter as Grandmaster. This moment marked the last time the two friends would see each other, though, for after the campaign, news of the Horus Heresy swept through the Legion and the galaxy. It was during the Heresy that Elish fell, badly wounded, whilst the Legion campaigned against the Night Lords personally led by the Lion. Elisha was then interred in a dreadnought and his place as GrandMaster was taken by Malachi. For the rest of the Heresy they fought with distinction and courage, but, ultimately, it ended with Horus striking down the Emperor. With heavy hearts the Legion returned to Caliban, and with it went Malachi and the remnants of the 18th Order.

It was in orbit around Caliban that the Order faced their biggest threat yet, treachery from their own. The battle ended with the Lion missing and their home destroyed. Luther, considered the arch-traitor, was found in the wreckage of the Fortress-Monastry. But Luther was not the man Malachi sought to find. He sought Raul but, alas, he would never get the chance to bring him to redemption being ordered to hold in orbit aboard the Glory of Caliban.

During the Second Founding, Malachi created the Angels of Caliban from the shattered remnants of his Order. Included amongst the number of Astartes that he took with him was his mentor, Elisha. Malachi established the Imperial Battleship Glory of Caliban as the Chapters Fortress-Monastery; henceforth would the Chapter ply the stars seeking out the Emperor’s foes.


“Brothers…this is a dark day indeed, for not only must we split the Legion, but we also have lost our Leige.”
- Corswain, Seneschal of the Lion

After the fall of Caliban –the Angels never refer to the Heresy in reference to Horus alone, for them, the real disaster was Luthers treachery – the Angels of Caliban pursued various splinter fleets of the Night Lords Legion, it was at the hands of Night Lords Captain Seria Jargos that Malachi finally fell after seven hundred years leading his Chapter. This shame was finally avenged almost three thousand years later when Grand Master Malachi IV slew him in mortal combat. The Chapter has served with distinction throughout the last Ten Thousand years winning for themselves renown throughout Segmentum Obscuras where they are based. They have been present at most major Imperial conflicts, most notably engaging with alomst all of Abaddon’s Black Crusades being one of the Chapters that has Astartes almost always near the Eye.


The Angels have a halved Green and Black scheme for their armour. The Green is that which represents Caliban and their heritage and serves as a reminder for what they consider to be their true home and their duty to the Lion. The Black represents the Legion and the Emperor, an ever constant reminder of their duty to the Imperium. Worn on the Right Pauldron, the Chapter symbol is a White Circle that represents The Order and Caliban, while the left Pauldron bears the personal heraldry of each Astartes that is presented when formally inducted into the Brotherhood. The heraldry of each brother contains some element of their mentor’s heraldry, in this way the traditions and respect for the senior brothers continues throughout the new recruits.


“The Codex, you say, yes we follow ours to the letter. Is yours not the same?”
- Grand Master Elijah III to Chapter-Master Kurios of the Paladrean Knights, M.35

The Chapter, like most Dark Angel successors, fields the Second Company mounted entirely on bikes and speeders and the First Company are made up of Veterans. Organisationally, however, the remaining Eight Companies operate as individual Battle Companies of around a hundred Marines in each, Ten Squads with Ten Astartes. This number can increase temporarily depending on numbers of Astartes that are able to interface with their suits of Power Armour. Initiates are assigned to a Company once approved of being ready to serve where they will serve for the majority of their lives, unless transferred into either the First or Second Company.

A Company can number well over a Hundred Astartes depending on the numbers of current recruits and the number of battlefield casualties. The Ninth Company currently stands at One Hundred and Seventeen combat ready Astartes plus Company Command as well as Fifteen Initiates. This is due to high recruitment rates in recent years and the Ninth’s low combat losses. A Company that suffers high losses will be taken out of active service and placed in strategic reserve upon the Fortress-Monastery for several years, as is the case with the Fourth and was the case with the Ninth. This does not mean that the Company will not see action; on the contrary they are Astartes after all and will be used if and when necessary.

The Second Company recruits the best and most skilled riders from the ranks of the initiates and then continues their training to make them some of the best riders in the Imperium. There is also no set limit for the Second Company. They number anywhere from around One Hundred to One Hundred and Thirty Marines plus Initiates at any given time dependent on combat losses

Unlike the other Companies the First Company never numbers more than One Hundred Angels, the reason for this has never been made clear, though, due to the numbers of highly skilled Angels who have not been raised to the First due to ‘lack of available space’ some rumour that this hints that it is a way to control the procession of Marines within the Chapter. Unlike their Founding Chapter the First Company does not usually deploy entirely in Terminator Armour, though they have access to it. There are twenty squads in the first company and each has its own Frigate complete with armouries and Drop Pods as well as a Thunder Hawk. This flexibility sees the Veterans of the Angels of Caliban striking all over the Imperium, even at seemingly innocent locations. The First Company also has access to the Battle-Barge The Prydien where the Company-Master of the First and his Command Squad are based along with the First’s support staff
Brothers, I thank you for this honour that you have bestowed upon me. Elisha, a great brother and true servant of the Lion was brutally murdered by the thrice accursed traitor Raul who brought shame upon our honoured first Grand Master and our Chapter. I hereby pledge that I shall bring him to justice, no matter where Raul hides, no matter where he flees, he shall be found. And he shall be killed. We shall never rest and we shall gain vengeance, not merely for Malachi and the Lion, but for all our lost brothers since then and, most especially, for Elisha.
Extract from Grand Master Bohemond 1V’s acceptance speech

Combat Doctrine

True to the doctrine of the Lion the Chapter practices a combined arms warfare utilising everything at their disposal to gain victory. Unlike other chapters that have specialised in one or another sort of warfare, the Angels of Caliban seek to master every facet. Grand Master Elisha, and, subsequently, Grand Master Malachi emphasised the importance of understanding ones foes before they could truly destroy them. To this end, the Angels Codex Astartes contains more detail about Xenos races than many others may do.

The Second Company of the Angels of Caliban contain some of the greatest Bikers in the Imperium. It is common belief amongst the Chapter that they are second only, if that, to the best of the White Scars and the Dark Angels Ravenwing and some hold that they are greater than them. This may be due, in large part, to the natural life of Prydien, from which nearly the entire Second Company is drawn from.


“Welcome, from now on, you will address me as Master and I shall address you all as Child. I care nought for you station in your previous life, the moment you stepped through these doors you became the Chapters until you die.”
- Master Kylos, Master of the Recruits, to initiates on Prydien M.41

An unnerving discovery
Not long after the fall, Malachi was summoned back to the Rock for another Council. At this Council he received the worst possible news: contrary to their initial thoughts, and more in line with what Luther had told them, their Fallen Brothers had not died but, instead, where alive and were coming back. The first one had been captured proving that they had not all died on Caliban, so it was that the Book of Secrets became not just a tome of reminder of those that fell, but a tome that would enable them to hunt down and force every last Fallen brother to repent.

Malachi was filled with anger, his arch-nemesis, Raul, had survived the destruction of Caliban and would be able to harm more of the Imperium with his lies and his fall to the darkness that consumed all their fallen brothers. From henceforth for the Angels of Caliban they were determined to find Raul wherever and whenever he might appear and bring him to justice.
The Angels of Caliban recruit from several different worlds as befits their status as a space-bound chapter. Upon each world they maintain a Keep that watches over the world and acts as the central location for new recruits. Maintained by Chapter Serfs and aging Astartes, each Keep is the first testing ground of any potential recruits. Often set in harsh locations: high up in mountain ranges, or in the middle of a desert or some other inhospitable location recruits must make their own way to the Keep. True to the traditions of the order those who make it must spend a full night outside the doors before they are accepted. Those who fail, either die or join the ranks of the chapter serfs.

There are three main worlds that the Angels recruit from; however they also maintain Keeps on countless others. The first is the semi-fuedal world of Prydien where mounted warbands wage war against each other. Unlike other worlds, Prydien’s keep is set in one of the nicest locations; this is because it is maintained as the main ground based point for the chapter including genebank stores and older Astartes who can no longer participate in battle. This has led many to consider Prydien the Angels Homeworld. The only hardships recruits have to endure is a night outside the walls, though this test is done in the middle of Prydien’s winter, a time of freezing nights.

The second world is the barbarian world of Karasnor, semi-primitive tribes wonder the worlds surface which ranges from deserts through lush jungle to high, icy peaks. It is in one of these Mountain ranges that the Angels maintain their mighty Keep and it is considered an honour for a son of the tribe to make it and be chosen to ascend to the ranks of His Angels. They always know who is chosen and who is not, for a messenger of His Angels will inform them, this practice has kept a steady stream of some of the best and bravest youngsters to the Keep and the Chapter. Last, but not least, is the planet of Callix V. Once the scene of a great campaign waged by their predecessors, now a manufactorum world with strong ties to the Mechanicus due to their love for technology, though only a handful of recruits come from Callix nearly all join he armoury, either as drivers of the various tanks or as Techmarines of the Chapter.

‘There is nothing but the Chapter’ is an apt summary of the initial training of each Angel. Cultures and traditions are broken down and replaced with the Chapter traditions; faith is replaced with the Chapter Cult. No matter which world one brother comes from, their world view is reshaped to that of the Chapter. Despite this, though, the Chapter maintains deep spiritual connections with all the worlds they recruit from, though they especially honour Prydien as it was the first world they selected to recruit from.

The Angels when an initiate is deemed ready to enter combat, this is around the equivalent time that a more Codex Chapter will send them to the Tenth, they are sent to one of the Eight Battle Companies where they are formed into squads ready to serve under the command of a single Sergeant from that Company.

The Flight of Angels

Alpha Magnus
In the later years of the 41st Millennium, the Angels of Caliban entered into the Alpha Magnus conflict, deploying half the First Company and three entire Battle Companies under the command of the Grand Master himself. Imperial intelligence indicated that a Chaos Astartes warband had landed to assist the traitors on the surface of the world; it was on Grand Master Eisha’s insistence that the Angels of Caliban would spearhead the assault into the heart of the enemy fortifications and battle the Corrupted Heart Astartes. Accepting the insistence of the Chapter, Imperial Commanders launched a three day orbital bombardment of the Fortress which was instantly followed by a mass drop pod and teleportation assault into the heart of the Fortress. Sixteen hours of brutal close combat followed and it was the First Company that finally broke into the inner sanctum of the stronghold where the majestic Terminators crushed the personal guard of the Tyrant of Alpha Magnus and, bringing him to his knees, signalled the capture of the Fortress. Their job done the Angels left the long task of mopping up to the Imperial Guard and left the world.

The so called Tyrant was, in fact, Master Belath of the Dark Angels Legion, one of Rauls closest confidants, it was during the interrogation that the Angels of Caliban discovered that Raul had survived the Fall and, in fact, had come out of the warp at the same time as Belath, though they had parted ways soon after. With this news the Chapter began the hunt in earnest, it was no longer about honour, or redemption, but all turned to the hunt for one Traitor: Raul. The Chapter has even let a few Fallen escape their grasp when they believe that a new lead will lead them to Raul, on one occasion Fallen 100 himself was allowed to flee when it became apparent that Raul was going to be present on Fortis Maximus. These recent actions have caused some concern from the current Supreme Grand Master, Azrael, who, not knowing about Raul, fears for their continuing loyalty to the Legion.
The Flight of Angels is a colloquial term that refers to the extensive fleet the Chapter has acquired over the millennia. The Core of the fleet is the Glory of Caliban itself, a slightly larger than the current Imperial Battleships due to its age, and the two Battle-Barges; Fist of Malachi and The Prydien. There are also five Strike Cruisers, attached to the Third through Seventh Companies. It is The Prydien that is formally attached to the Second Company and First Companies, though neither company has made that much use of it.

The Angels of Caliban maintain a large number of escorts and resupply craft that accompany each Strike Cruiser as well as a number of Imperial Cruisers. This fleet gives the Angels great striking power to hit their foes wherever they are. One other feature is the twenty frigates that the twenty squads of the First Company maintain, though they generally travel in larger numbers or as support for another company. The reason for this is unclear, and indeed frowned upon by many other Chapters. In a battle, it is not unusual for the entire complement of the First Company to leave the conflict, and while this has been remarked upon as not being unusual for the Unforgiven, they have avoided the stigma of total abandonment. Despite this, though, there are instances of entire Battle-Companies being pulled.

The Glory of Caliban is a pre-Heresy Battleship built in the shipyards of Luna for the launch of the Great Crusade. Originally named Wrath of Terra, the Glory of Caliban was attached to the 227th Expeditionary force under Chapter-Master Eliphas and the 18th Chapter of the 1st legion. After the Fall, Malachi renamed the mighty warship the ‘Glory of Caliban’ to honour his lost homeworld and to provide a link with what he and his brothers had lost. The Battleship itself is larger than the later Emperor Class battleships and contains the central armoury, forges, Reclusiam, Apothecarian and Librarias as well as the Grand-Masters quarters. Nearly all of the relics and geneseed are stored upon the warship, bar those that are secreted on the Fortress that are scattered throughout the Segmentum. With its formidable power and its ability to deploy large numbers of Gunships and Fighters, this Fortress-Monastery grants the Angels power that younger Chapters cannot hope to achieve. Few have set foot or even walked through the hallowed halls of the warship, most are kept inside the extensive, but in comparison, small guest quarters where they are entertained by the Grand-Master himself.


“It is the traitor, above and beyond the Xenos, that will destroy the Imperium. There can be no mercy shown to a traitor for by their acts, they show you how worthless they view the Emperor and, for that, there can be no forgiveness.”
- Grand Master Malachi I, Volume II of the Tome of Malachi

The Chapter reveres the Emperor as the greatest man who ever lived and their Primarch as the mightiest of all his sons. Reverence is maintained for the lost heroes of the Chapter, most notably Malachi and Lion el’Jonson. This reverence extends to Caliban and the Chapter always mourns the loss of their Homeworld which they still consider as their Home despite it being destroyed. As part of this reverence, their closest relationships lie with other Unforgiven Chapters, most notably with the Dark Angels Chapter; however, they have also forged close bonds with other Chapters and agencies throughout the Imperium.

The worlds that the Chapter recruit from are honoured and hold a place in the Chapter cult. It is said that when Malachi first set eyes upon Prydien he wept for the forests appeared, from Orbit, just how Caliban used to. It was not until he set foot on the world that he saw the differences, but ever since then it has held a place in the Chapter Cult as the first world they would ever recruit from.

Astartes traitors are hated above and beyond all else, mortals are considered to be fallible and therefore easily led astray and are accordingly not treated with the same hate. It is those Adeptus Astartes that have forsaken their oaths that they hate with a passion and a fervour bordering on the fanatical. It has been noted many times that the Angels of Caliban will refuse to back down in front of Traitor Marines and will fight to the death to prevent the success of any Traitors.

The Night Lords Legion is one of those groups of traitors that the Angels of Caliban nurse a particular hatred for. This is a legacy of the Horus Heresy and the Scouring when the Dark Angels fought them time and again before they could reach Terra. During the Scouring the Angels of Caliban were at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate the Night Lords as they fled across the Imperium. The atrocities witnessed by these sons of Jonson fuelled their anger and desire to destroy them in their entirety.

The Festum Angelis, or The Feast of Angels, is a feast that happens once every Hundred years, the entire Chapter, or as many as can come, returns to the Glory of Caliban which, by this stage, has reached orbit around Prydein. For one month the Chapter renews their oaths of fealty and loyalty with those worlds under their dominion through a series of banquets. The Chapter also spends time in bonding with one another and they re-affirm their oaths of fealty to the Emperor and the Primarch as well as honour distant Caliban and Terra through reflection and meditation. It is a time of happiness, joy and celebration, but also one of mourning, reflection and dedication to the cause once more. Only twice has the Festum Angelis not gone ahead in Ten Thousand years, and both times have been considered as harbingers of doom. The most recent time was when Grand Master Bohemond cancelled the Festum Angelis in order to respond to the death of Elisha a mere fifty years ago. It has been widely considered a bad omen heading into the 42nd Millennium, though they intend to host one on the very start of the Millennium.


The taking of heraldry is an ancient practice all Astartes once raised into their Battle-Company take their own design that will stay with them until their death, unless some momentous event causes them to change it. It fulfils a central part of the Chapter cult, both honouring the elder Marines and past heroes as well as remembering Caliban and the Primarch himself.

When the practice first started is not known, though Chronicler Gwalchavad’s research of the past history indicates that it was first adopted by the Veterans of Malachi after he was made Master of the First Company under Eliphas. This is reinforced by tradition, all Astartes are told that the practice dates to before the Fall and therefore is a link to lost Caliban.

As part of the reverence for those who have trained you, all Astartes generally incorporate some part of their Mentors heraldry into their own when they finally adopt their own. This keeps the legacy of their Mentor alive well after his death, it is known that the heraldry of Grand-master Bohemond 1V bears the White Cross of Scout Sergeant Rafael, a mighty hero who died in M.34 and that this emblem is still borne today by newly initiated Astartes of the Fourth Company after their own sergeant, Gideon, who was trained by Bohemond himself. This example may be the oldest currently around, but nevertheless; it is a pertinent reminder of the exploits of Rafael and every Astartes who has ever borne the White Cross.


Grand Master Eliphas
One of the greatest secrets of the Chapter is that, hidden deep within the Glory of Caliban, lies an ancient, venerable, older than most Contemptor Dreadnoughts. Old by the time of the Fall, Elisha the First Grand Master of the 18th Chapter remains, asleep for the most part, but still sound of mind and prepared to do battle with the foes of the Emperor.

Justice: Within the Reclusiam of the Angels of Caliban lie several prominent Relics. Most notably is the great Sword Justice that was once wielded by Grand Master Eliphas and, in turn, has been borne by every Grand Master since. The Sword was forged upon Holy Terra, rumoured to have been crafted by the hands of the Emperor himself. The rumours may have some truth in them as the blade has never been broken and is of such quality that craftsmen from the times of the Great Crusade down to the present Age have marvelled at it.

Sacred Standards: There are three Sacred Standards belonging to the Angels of Caliban, however, unlike their primogenitors, the Angels of Caliban do not maintain each as an aspect of war but instead revere their first three Chapter Banners. While hardly ever borne into battle, whenever they are borne the situation is so vital that they will risk these banners. The first of these is the Standard of the Pride of Terra, the very first Chapter Banner, said to have been touched by the hand of the Emperor, its black banner proudly bears the markings of the XVIII Chapter of the I Legion. The second is the first banner forged after the Fall, the Standard of the Pride of Caliban serves as a tenuous link to the Dark Angels Chapter and Caliban and is revered as such. The final banner is the Standard of the Pride of Prydien which symbolises the link that the Chapter has forged in their new life after the Fall. Each banner represents the story of the Angels from the Emperor and Terra, through Caliban and the Primarch and down to the current status of the Chapter.

Chalice Memoria: This Chalice is the sacred cup of the Angels of Caliban, and is said to have been one of the Chalices commissioned by Lion el’Jonson to commemorate the final extermination of the Beasts of Caliban. Though most were destroyed during the Fall, this one had been granted to Eliphas on his arrival upon Caliban by el’Jonson himself. The Chalice is used in all important ceremonies by the Inner Circle and in the Festum Angelis.

The Chapter maintains many more Relics within the Reclusium but these are the most potent and most highly regarded Relics that the Chapter has in their possession.


The Geneseed of the Angels of Caliban is that of Lion el’Jonson and is perfect with no traces of mutation, just like the Dark Angels Chapter itself.
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I have only one comment to make at the time:

as per Fallen Angels, the last surviving Knight of Lupus was the man that became Lord Cypher. It is implied that he is the last survivor, as the rest were either hunted down due to their knowledge of proscribed arts or died facing one of the many dangers of Caliban.

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I´m usually not sold on second-founding succesors, but you´ve done it really well, without long-lost task forces or one-of-a-kind stuff like that. I like also the way you´ve both kept the Unforgiven classics (First and Second Company, do they have names?), and introduced a new organizational pattern, adding some variation to the standard set up. A nice tie-in with the new knowledge we have of Caliban and Heresy times, and a good story seed with the personal rivalry. Do you have plans for developing that storyline?


Just one thing: maybe you´ll want to try a less extreme shade of black with the painter. That way the boundaries between the plates do not blur and it looks better without devolving into dark gray.

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thanks for the feed back guys. As per Cypher/Knights of Lupus...not sure where they were mentioned in my IA?


I think we will see a greater scope for second founding successors now that we have an increased numbers of Legions, meaning that haveing 4 Chapters (ie: 4000-6000 Marines) remaining out of 100,000 is unlikely. I reckon we will see everything multiplied by around 10, so, thats 40 second founding chapters (or, 40,000-60,000 Marines). Likewise with the other Legions, of course, so, thats 230 UM second founding successors....(unless this gets retconned as per Know No Fear novel and the losses sustained there, though the rapid recruitment and the Battle of Calth being at the start of the Heresy means that they may have recouped Marine losses by the time of the Second Founding)


Normally, I, too, am against Second Founding, but, with the changes in background I wanted to explore the possibilities of DIY second founding successors. As for Raul and Malachi, yes and no. They never meet again, Raul pops out in late M.41 whereas Malachi dies around late M.32, however, there is one person who will be around to lay down Malachi's vengeance ^_^ But, ill reveal this secret last of all ;)

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