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Color question


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From what I have heard, Techmarines and those of the Mechanicum are identified by red armor. Do our Iron Priests also follow this? Is there anything that signifies them?


I think mostly they are singled out by the servo harness and servitors, oh and they usually have a hammer instead of an axe. I've always seen them in standard SW colors...but you could go with red if you want. It would certainly make them stand out.

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Way back in 2nd Edition 40K, when they actually first produced the Iron Priest mini, they edged his shoulder pads with red to show his affiliation with the Adeptus Mechanicus. I didn't really care for it, but it was the era of BRIGHT reds and yellows!


Myself, I've always thought that it was enough that the Iron Priest had a stylized cog wheel on his shoulder, but it had a wolf skull in the middle (instead of the standard human skull). I painted the cog half black and half white, and it looked pretty good. IMHO, it was subtle, but just enough if you knew where to look and what it meant. With some black and yellow "caution striping" on his servo-arm, it looked "tech marine" enough for me.


That's just my 2 creds.

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My ironpriests are basic color with a red pad under the cog symbol


But than again my wolfpriest is basic color with his pad painted black


I dont like different color models in the same army




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