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Forge World Horus Heresy Treatment


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After reading Fear to Tread as well as Horus Heresy: Betrayal, I've been unsuccessful in holding back excitement for the Horus Heresy treatment that the Blood Angels will receive (probably a few years from now). If Forge World continues with four legions per book, we should be somewhere in the third or fourth issue. For those of you that have read Fear To Tread, what special characters/units do you think we will see in the BA entry?


The obvious answers would be Captains Raldoron and Amit, as well as Azkaellon, but there are others that would also fit well. As far as unique units, Sanguinary Guard are an obvious choice. What else would everyone else like to see or think would be a great choice for included units?

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Well, it might be the case that FW will revisit the same legions again, especially as the Heresy progresses and the character of the Legions and their leaders is changing. I don't think we should expect a "linear" approach... Even the Betrayal list is effectively a Great Crusade list... I suspect that other more "Heretical" lists will be forthcoming, even for loyal legions.


Also Alan Bligh said that the HH series will cover other factions that were involved in the conflict. I'm thinking Mechanicum, Imperial Guard (or whatever it was called at the time), Sisters of Silence and of course Custodes. So although you may be right and BAs will be in the 4th book, don't be disappointed if they are delayed. They will sure be in the last! :tu:

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