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Hail everyone!


I have not long ago started playing Warhammer 40k, but I absolutely love it. I have started reading the background from random sources, and my first impression was that the imperium was damn evil. I chose chaos expecting that in the end it would turn better than the oppressive imperium, but the truth was clearly another; once taken the path of chaos though there is no turning back! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, AND DEATH TO THE SLAVES OF THE CORPSE EMPEROR! Expecially to the filthy ultramarines.

I was amazed when I saw the painting and modeling tutorials on the librarium; I have felt like I had learned in a day what others learn in a year. Be it true or not, I'm gonna buy lots of colours to try to make my army a masterpiece.


Unsurprisingly I use chaos; i was inspired by the strength, brutality and warrior creed of the world eaters, by the Space Wolves and by the badass tore parchments that some Word Bearers carry on their armours. I plan to make a badass khornate warband called "The Chosen", with allied World Eaters, Sanctified and renegade Space Wolves. I have imagined a cool background too.


I salute you all! All hail power armours.

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Well met! Hail and welcome to B&C, brother! If you ever think of branching out into other power armoured factions, check out the Carcharodons, they might be right up your alley. :D
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Dude, the Carcharodons are absolutely cool!

Some time ago I had found somehow this post.


I saved the link because it was awesome. It is in italian, but images have no language :)


I have actually not enough money to afford two armies (I am having hard times to complete the one I have -- i am only 17 after all :P), but if that idea crossed my mind there would be total doubt. Carcharadons? Badass tabard-wearing black templars? Some pre-heresy legion? Everyone of them is too cool to be sure ;)

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