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Citadel Finecast Sanguinary Priest


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I haven't yet purchased any of the Citadel Finecast Sanguinary Priests fro GW yet because I was curious how they arrive and I wasnt sure how easy conversions on them would be in the fincast format. Has anyone here gotten these specific pieces and can you tell me how well they can be modified? For example, if I wanted to add a chainsword and magnetized jump pack to one, or change the head, etc. I've never worked with the finecast models before so I figured I'd get some input first.
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First, I don't have this model but I may still be able to add a little bit of information.


And there is an image of the same priest in white metal, which should be the same model as the finecast one, here : http://cadia122.blogspot.de/2011/01/more-b...-unpainted.html


Power Armour models come with their backpack off, so giving this guy a jump pack won't be a problem. Also, the left arm is separate, so a chainsword is also a no brainer.


Now to the helmet. It's fixed. As you've said, you've never worked with finecast. It's much softer than the plastic kits and much easier to cut. Doing a head switch should not be too much work, especially since this model looks like it may be quite easy to modify. I don't have much conversion experience, but I swapped Gabriel Seth's head with a helmet not too long ago and it wasn't too much work and I'm pretty pleased with the result. You may however need a little bit of green stuff to adjust the position of your new helmet of fill some spaces.


After all, what you're trying to do won't require too much time or skill, so no problem. I would, however, suggest you'd think about getting the apothecary bits from the space marine command squad an add some stuff from the sanguinary guard and/or death company. Gives you much more freedom and is even easier. That's how I made my priest, and I like it better than any priest GW has to offer.

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