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Anti-Swarmlord Tactics

John Rainbow

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So, who else faces the Swarmlord with biomancy? That thing is pretty evil. So far, the only way I've managed to pull anything off against this guy is to ignore him or feed him units to hold him up. Any bright ideas on how to kill a potentially T9, FNP tyrant with a bodyguard?


For reference, the usual 'core' of the opposing Tyranid list is something like:


Swarmlord + 1 Guard


3 x Tervigon

3 x min. Termagants


All of them take biomancy, usually 3 powers for each Tervigon. You're generally doing really well if you can even down a single monster in a turn...

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Ally yourself with some GKs and Mindstrike missile that big bug!


It still has to walk (run) across the board so it wont wreck you until turn 3+ if you maneuver (objectives aside of course). So otherwise feed it with cheap sacrificial units.



My 2 Kraks

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Sternguard and snipers if it's on T9, if it's on T8 or below then krak missiles, lots of krak missiles.


But yeah, it's slow, so just try to avoid it, should be easy enough.

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Just a suggestion, harass the unit with a couple of typhoons, and lure it with 4xsniper scouts + ML(cheap unit that is painful to ignore).5x krak missiles and 6x heavy bolter shots a turn will soften for whatever your main force is made of. Use melta weapons to finish it off.


Really, assault should be avoided. Power fists and thunder hammers won't help you. Go for assault cannons, krak missiles, multi-melta's, and maybe a vindicator.


Bike unit with 2x plasma guns and Multi-melta attack bike can keep 24" range and trim wounds.



Thunder fire cannons will put multiple shots on the foot unit and possibly slow it down further while fast units harass it.


Allies are worth mentioning. IG are known for being able to spam Melta weapons(twinlinked with special order) and lascannons. LC's are perfect for dealing with a swarmlord but Space Marines can't spam them well.

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There a guy in our area who runs the EXACT same list. Swarmlord and/or another Tyrant, triple Tervigons, triple minimal Gaunt Squads to make the 'Gons scoring, and Hive Guard. Everything rolls Biomancy every game.

The Swarmlord is the leastof your problems, honestly. Bloast the 6-wound-apiece Tervigons before you blast anything else, though if you can put down Hive Guard models, do so. Most of the time they hide out of LOS though.


One thing to remember though is that if he's taking the Swarmlord with more than on Tyrant Guard model, iron Arm doesn't help the Tyrant one bit. Iron Arm won't carry to the Guard, so you use majority Toughness instead of the T 7-8-9 of the Swarmlord.

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